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Meeting Minutes October 19, 2015

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
Tues, October 19, 2015

Attendees:    Don Ostertag,  Charlie Hubert, Danielle Payne, Peter N. Davis, Gaia McDermott, Andrew Watt, Phil Mason, Hollie Rose, Rob Dalo

Business Meeting

Rob won Table Topics Area Contest but can’t make Division Contest. The second place winner will go instead.  The Division Contest will be Monday, October 26 at 85 Skinner Road, Colchester.

Gaia did great too but didn't place. There was some stiff competition.
Thanks to the functionaries from our club who helped at the Area Contest.

We officially had 19 members this year. The goal is 20. Also, John has officially joined.
John joined

As a chapter we are thinking about having virtual attendance. Keep it in the back of your mind. We would need official vote and the technology. We will make a committee that will meet in December.

Upcoming Events
District 53 Conference
November 21
Fishkill, NY at the Ramada
Keynote Lance Miller - 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking

Toastmaster Andrew Watt

Club Mission Statement

Table Topics Danielle Payne – Coins and their Year
  • [Charlie Hubert] 1:32 1963
    Rubric – “The Beatles”
    Really an amazing group of people
    Hired people that didn’t know anything about music
    We all start as beginners, don’t know anything
    Learn to be leaders in our community
  • [Hollie Rose] 1:28 1979
    I fell in love with the bicentennial quarter
    Tin the size of a softball
    Roll of 1976 quarters is worth $18.00
    I was 12 – old enough to have an opinion
    Pulled the wrong year, talked the right one anyway
  • [Rob Dalo] 2:00 2012
    Came to Cromwell Community Toastmasters in 2012
    All different now except for Charlie and Phil
    Don’t give speeches, came to learn to talk and be in social situations
  • [Peter Davis] 1:32 1976
    Please be patient
    When you think of Toastmasters learning to think on my feet
    Speak and act and practice
    It’s like lifting weights, practice makes perfect
  • [Phil Mason] 1:30 1980
    Ronald Reagan, great president
    Don’t like Trump, though I’m conservative
    Time to work in trades
    22 years old, go serious about life
    Learned to take my trade seriously
  • [Andrew Watt] 2:14 2002
    Middletown home
  • [Donald Ostertag]  1:26 2015 (2013)
    Daughter joined Toastmasters
    “I started wondering…” Daughter convinced me
    Came to better myself
    Difficulty reading in public
    At least read something
  • [Danielle Payne]  1:54 2012
    Junior year of college
    Majored in business
    Senior project started a business
    Goat cheese company
    Go to FDA, not allowed to serve rotten cheese

Speaker # 1:  Phil Mason : 5:46
Manual/Project Competent Communicator
Title: A Cold Run

This past weekend I participated in the Connecticut River Run. The Connecticut River Run is where a group of racers and performance boaters hold a gathering. They have adopted the cause of juvenile diabetes. Last year there were 150 boats. There are boats of all types and sizes. This year was smaller because of the weather. Also there were more police because in the past there have been some problems with going through wake zones.

Speaker # 2:  Donald Ostertag: 8:12
Manual/Project: Public Reading
Title: November/December Newsletter Commandant

Fall is here. I cleaned all the leaves out of my lawn only to have them all come back. October 234 we were recruiting new members at the fair. We talked to quite a few Marines but none were at our last meeting. We provided the color guard and honor guard in Middletown for unclaimed remains. We held two Roles programs recently. On Nov 7th we will hold the 240 anniversary dinner. On November 8th we have the Hartford parade.  We will also be involved in the Veteran’s Day activities on Nov 11th.

Speaker # 3:  Andrew Watt: 26:31
Manual/Project: Advanced: Facilitating Discussion: #3 (Problem Solving)
Title: Solve My Problem: Rubric Design

I have a great rubric for the Maker Lab but I need one for my graphic design class. The main important topics are graphic design, typing, spreadsheet and Photoshop. I’m not sure what other topics I need to include so I am enlisting your help. Organization and project management are also needed. Classroom behavior and effort were also added as key topics. As a group we were able to pick out key topics to be included in the rubric.

Evaluator # 1: Charlie Hubert
 Excellent speech. You spoke about something you love. Great participation. Asked questions. Held attention. Talking about unruly members was interesting. Good organization. I like your conclusion because you pulled everything together. 

Evaluator # 2:  Rob Dalo 2:53
Courage is having a fear but facing it. You have come a long way. You have practiced and did a great job. Next time you are reading make the font bigger. Enunciation was awesome. Next time pause between paragraphs. Take a breath and slow down.

Evaluator # 3:  Round Robin 3:30
There was too much going on, too many topics. Also giving the sample rubric may have been overwhelming and distracting. Some of the categories overlapped. Maybe if you had picked a few topics or broader categories that would be better. You enrolled your audience but could be more engaging if you had a different problem.

Officials’ Reports:

WordMaster: Andrew Watt   

1. a title, heading, direction, or the like, in a manuscript, book, statute, etc., written or printed in red or otherwise distinguished from the rest of the text.
2. a direction for the conduct of divine service or the administration of the sacraments, inserted in liturgical books.
3. any established mode of conduct or procedure; protocol.
4. an explanatory comment; gloss.
5. a class or category.
6. Archaic. red ocher.
7. written, inscribed in, or marked with or as with red; rubrical.
8. Archaic. red; ruddy.

Charlie Hubert: 1
John: 1
Bill Sullivan: 1
Andrew Watt: 2

Timer:  Donald Ostertag times given, see above

Ah Counter:  Gaia McDermott

Danielle - like
Charlie - and, um
Hollie - um
Rob - so
Peter - 0
Phil - so, um
Andrew - 0
Don - 3 ums
Gaia - 3 ums
Group total - 18 ahs, 22 ums

Grammarian:  Peter Davis

Charlie- rubric of what happened in 63
Phil – a cold run
Don – sorry Charlie
Andrew- rubrical – not a speech but a facilitation of discussion – a road map for students- don’t use a biblical seek and yee shall find

General Evaluator: Hollie Rose

Great signs- Thank you Charlie
Peter great gym metaphor

Next meeting: November 3, 2015

Thank you to Andrew Watt for the Table Topics Notes

Respectfully submitted by
Danielle Payne, Secretary

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