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Meeting Minutes October 6, 2015

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
Tues, October 6, 2015

Attendees:    Don Ostertag,  Charlie Hubert, Danielle Payne, Heather Turner, Bill Sullivan, Hollie Rose, Gaia McDermott, Andrew Watt, Michael Brillas, Sheetal Patel, Jeevan Kale, Rob Dale

Guests: August Wolf, Maribel, Terry, John, Vishruti Patel

Business Meeting

Crystal had her baby – a boy Zachary. Congratulations Crystal
Welcome August Wolf- Area Governor

Area Contest
Tuesday, October 13 at 7pm.
Good luck to Rob Dalo and Gaia McDermott
Sheetal Patel will go as our judge

Area Contest Winners Move onto Division Contest

Division Contest
Monday, October 26

District 53 Conference
November 21
Fishkill, NY at the Ramada
Keynote Lance Miller - 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking

Toastmaster Bill Sullivan

Invocation Heather Turner-   
Albert Einstein quote

Table Topics Heather Turner
  • [Andrew] 2:00 Strage bone-What is it?: It is a vertebrae from a dragon… or marine sea creature.. maybe a shark. During a storm on the beach there was a skeleton left similar to this. (it was actually from a dolphin)
  • [Rob] 2:15 You are a space man or woman on the international space station. What does this circuit board go to and how do you fix it? I used to work in an amplifier factory and looked at the quality of the solder. We had to test this with our own music. I spent a lot of time working with circuit boards.
  • [John] 1:17 You are a space man or woman on the international space station. What does this circuit board go to and how do you fix it? Circuit boards are like life. We start with a blank slate and each take a different path.
  • [Don] 1:16 This is your wand from Harry Potter. What house are you from? I watched the first Harry Potter movie come out and got into it. I like seeing how the actors grew up. My nephew went to Florida and brought back a tee shirt and wand for me. I really enjoy the movies.
  • [Charlie] 1:48 This is spider from Amazon. What do you use it for?
    This reminds me of Halloween. I think Daddy Long Legs are friendly. If you are a spider fan this is what one would buy.
  • [Bill] 1:39 Shiny half sphere – What is it? This is part of something from a security package from my house. What else could you use this for? This is so basic and simple. It would be cool if this could fly around you. It would go to class for you. It could deaden the sound while you play alto sax.  Or it could be a door stop.
  • [John]  2:27 This is a hard drive. What’s on it?:  Megabytes were huge when I was growing up. This could hold any secret, anyone’s secret. It could hold anything you could think of. My kids skype with Grandma/ Grandpa all the time and think it is the same as seeing them in person.

Speaker # 1:  Danielle Payne : 5:25
Manual/Project Competent Communicator, #1
Title: Settle Down, Class Has Begun

I teach at a small private school for children with autism. One of my students ran out of the room when I first meet him because he didn’t like change. Eventually, I began to spend more time with him. This job has taught be patience and understanding.

Speaker # 2:  Andrew Watt: 10:52
Manual/Project: Speaking to Inform: #4
Title: Font in Graphic Design

Fonts say things about us that we didn’t know they said. Helvetica is something everyone uses since 1957. You may not want to use it. Times allows you to use the most words with the least ink and paper. Courier is used to show that we are using code. One page of courier equals one minute of screen time on film. All of the letters occupy the same amount of space. Names in different font look very different.

Speaker # 3:  Hollie Rose: 18:10
Manual/Project: Specialty Speeches: #4
Title: The Quartzsite Trip by William Hogan

This project is to read outload so I am just going to read the beginning of The Quartzsite Trip by William Hogan. This takes place in 1962 which was very different from life today. Deeter Moss was getting ready for the school time off for Easter and was planning was going on the Quartzsite trip. PJ Cooper, a teacher, started the Quartzsite Trip. Only seniors were invited, 36 of them. The invitations were given on Monday two weeks before the trip began. The trip was the ultimate status.

Evaluator # 1: August Wolf 3:19
 I loved your energy and how you talked about the challenges. The speech was easy to follow. You should slow down. The conclusion was great.

Evaluator # 2:  Hollie Rose 2:53
The title was more general than it could have been. The title could have been The History of Fonts. Saving ink and money was brilliant. Delve more into the subject. Explain more about serif. You introduced culturally sensitive fronts at the end without getting into it.

Evaluator # 2:  Heather Turner 3:30
This is the hardest evaluation I have had to give. This speech is perfect for another manual. The speech should be shorter with a beginning and end. There was not much in terms of interpretation. If you do this again summarize the first 8 minutes.

Officials’ Reports:

WordMaster: Maribel  Ubiquitous - existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent:

Charlie Hubert: 1
John: 1
Bill Sullivan: 1
Andrew Watt: 2

Timer:  Gaia McDermot times given, see above

Grammarian:  Don Ostertag  
Charlie -  gentle warning to wrap it up.
Tom - wee wee referring to a radio.
John there will be no raisins
August- Toastmasters was a spring board.
Marci- pumpkin ice cream on a hot day turning to fall
Andrew- used a the word catch with a picture of a fish. 
Gaia - branches crackling, Chaos retreated Gaia came through

Ah Counter:  Terri

18 ahs and 22 ums for the group

Grammarian:  Don Ostertag

Andew Whatt: Big big fish, mind your ps and qs, outside and full of swashes
Bill Sullivan: These little dudes
John: Going to some place, boggle the mind
Danielle Payne: Communicate and interact
Hollie Rose: Hootin nanny
General Evaluator: Andrew Watt

The signs were great. Thank you.

August: Thank you. You are a happy, healthy club. Area contest is next week.  Divison and district contests will follow. There are advanced clubs if you have your CC and are ready for the next step. There is one 5-6 miles from here.

Area 44 contest in one week the 13th in Manchester briefing at 6:30
Sheetel will go as our judge.

We can look into virtual attendance. We as a club would need to buy the equipment. Heather has offered her equipment. We will discuss this at the next meeting.

Next meeting: October 19, 2015

Respectfully submitted by
Danielle Payne, Secretary

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