Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Great Meeting

Last night we had a great meeting.   Charlie had everything set up and we began right on time.  Phil served as toastmaster and moved the meeting right along.  Carolyn started us with the word of the day.  Stentorian: saying it loud.  Asha gave our invocation.  She spoke about working hard…but making  sure you have fun at it.  Hollie led table topics.  She brought a bag of items and asked each participant to answer a question. 
Sheetal spoke about being on a deserted island with canned air.
Heather measured the space-time continuum with her tape measure.
Jerry complained the glue stick could not hold his sons class presentation together.
New member Brian paid $50.00 for matches to keep warm.
Rama sold us a “Calcu-Rama” calculator.
Carolyn talked about her grandfathers “go to” glue.

We then heard Crystal’s ninth speech.  She entertained with stories and slides about her crazy cats.
We had guest speaker Rama practice his “magic mantra” for the upcoming speech competition.
We had another guest speaker Jerry who practiced “sublime”, his entry into the competition.
We then closed with Charlie gave a moving tribute about his father.
The general evaluator was Elizabeth who called up our evaluators: Hollie (first ever evaluation), Sheetal, Tom, and Cheryl.  Don and Bo served as technicians.
It was a fantastic meeting. 
Two more great things coming up in May:
The toastmaster convention is on Saturday May 18th.
Also our next meeting will be May 21st.  We will be having some VIP’s visiting so it will be exciting!
See you soon 

Submitted on behalf of Rob Dalo, President

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