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Cromwell Community Toastmasters Meeting Minutes - May 21, 2013

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
May 21, 2013
Attendees: Sixteen members attended: Tom Alvord, Bo Bogart, Linda Campbell, Rob Dalo, Asha Gangina, Charlie Hubert, Elizabeth Landeen, Cheryl Mason, Phil Mason, Donald Ostertag, Hollie Rose, Rammanohar Rudravajhala, Crystal Storo, William Sullivan, Brian Terry, Heather Turner,
Guests: Rachel Mele (Area Governor), Lucia, Liz, Sarah, and Eve
Business Meeting:
The meeting to order at 5:35 by Charlie Hubert. Rob Dalo who introduced our Area Governor, Rachel Mele and the guests. He presented awards to Hollie Rose, Heather Turner ( Advanced Communicator Silver Award), and Crystal Storo (competing her CC). Rob congratulated Tom Alvord on his speech in the District 53 Table Topics Competition and also presented him with our Happy Birthday wishes. Tom discussed the benefits of serving as an officer in Toastmasters. Nominations for the new officer positions were submitted and each nominee gave a short campaign speech addressing why he/she should hold that office. By unanimous vote, the incoming officers are:
President: Crystal Storo CC, CL
Sergeant at Arms: Charlie Hubert
Treasurer: Brian Fleming
Secretary: Bo Bogart
VP Public Relations: Hollie Rose
VP Education: Elizabeth Landeen
VP Membership: Sheetal Patel
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Rob Dalo
Invocation: Bo Bogart - Mission Statement
Word Master: Donald Ostertag
Word - of - the - Day: Orchestrate - verb - meaning: to compose or arrange music for an orchestra; to arrange, bring about, manipulate
Table Topics Master: Tom Alvord ACB, ALB
Theme: Elections
1. Brian Terry: If you were running for President of the US, why should we elect you? Brian offered many excellent qualifications such as his intelligence, ability to listen, being part of a team, reaching a consensus with others and due to early retirement he has plenty of time.
2. Mano Rudravajhala CC: If you were running for Dog Catcher why should we vote for you? Mano told us he was the wrong person as he was afraid of dogs, but went on to say that so many dogs are not given enough love and affection and he would make sure the dogs would go to proper homes.
3. Liz (guest): Why would you like to be president/CEO of NE Homecare? Liz gave us some wonderful reasons and also said he would expand services for and hire more Spanish speaking people.
4. Lucia (guest): What do you like most about working at NE Homecare? Lucia said her position is aligned with her moral standards and beliefs.
5.Sarah (guest): What do you like most about working with Crystal? Sarah explained that Crystal was fair, honest, gets right to the point, is a team player, and "she knows what to do and she does it".
Prepared Speeches:
Speaker # 1: Hollie Rose
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator/Project 4 How to Say It
Title: Things Learned in the University of Life
Speaker # 2: Elizabeth Landeen
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator/Project 6 Vocal Variety
Title: Girls Rock!
Speaker # 3: Crystal Storo, CC, CL
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator/Project 10 Inspire Your Audience
Title: Self Love
Speaker # 4: Rachel Mele (Area Governor)
Manual/Project: How to Accept an Award
General Evaluator: Heather Turner
Heather thanked Charlie and Tom for setting up the room for tonight's meeting. Heather congratulated Bo for saying she wanted to be more involved and further mentioned it was a clever idea to have each officer nominee give a brief campaign speech. Heather commented that there were four great inspirational and enthusiastic speeches tonight. She complimented the evaluators for addressing the aims and goals and not just reading from the manuals.
Evaluator # 1: William Sullivan, ACB, ALB
Evaluator # 2: Cheryl Mason, DTM
Evaluator # 3: Rob Dalo
Evaluator # 4: Phil Mason, CC
Functionary Reports:
Ah Counter: Charlie Hubert
Grammarian: Linda Campbell
Timer: Asha Gangina
At the close of the meeting Rob asked the guests for their thoughts. Comments from Lucia, Liz, Sarah, Eve, and Rachele were: "Inspiring", "Well thought out.", "Absolutely love it." "I liked it." "I like the instant feedback.", "Welcoming atmosphere" and " So impressed.".
Rob announced that the next meeting will be held on June 4th and said that "meetings are more fun when you participate."
Next meeting: June 4th
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Secretary

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