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Meeting Minutes - April 16, 2013

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
April 16, 2013
Attendees: Thirteen members and one guest ( now a member) attended: Linda Campbell, Rob Dalo, Asha Gangina, Charlie Hubert, Elizabeth Landeen, Cheryl Mason, Phil Mason, Donald Ostertag, Hollie Rose, Sharon Roth, Crystal Storo, Heather Turner, Carolyn Warner
Guest: Brian Terry ( who became a member at the close of the meeting!!!)
Business Meeting:
The meeting was called to order at 5:35 by Charlie Hubert, Sergeant at Arms. Rob made us all feel very springy ( even summery!) with his colorful shirt. He announced that Tom Alvord won and now will compete in the Division C Contest held on April 25th at the Colchester Senior Center beginning at 6:30. Rob encouraged us to show up and support Tom. Rob also mentioned that Bo did an unbelievable job in Table Topics at the contest. Rob explained that the new term for officers will begin in July and nominations will be offered at the May 7th meeting, with elections held on May 21st. Each officer gave a brief description of what his or her officer position entailed and Crystal said she would email complete descriptions to members tomorrow and volunteered to organize our Toastmaster materials. Thanks Crystal! Rob suggested members email Tom Alvord, Chairman of the Election process, if interested in nomination or for more information. Present officers can also be contacted for more information.
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Elizabeth Landeen
Mission Statement read by Brian Terry
Invocation: Donald Ostertag gave us an excellent motivational invocation: "If you can somehow think or dream of success in small steps, every time you take a step or accomplish a small goal it gives us confidence to go on from there.".
Word Master: Asha Gangina
Word - of - the - Day: Ruminate-verb- meaning to contemplate carefully/deeply about something for a long time; to chew cud like a cow. "Never ruminate too much or you won't make a good decision!"
Table Topics Master: Sharon Roth, ACS ALB
Theme: Individually tailored to each participant by Sharon Roth
1. Asha Gangina: The question related to the Boston Marathon tragedy and helping those hurt.As you saw the news about the Boston Marathon tragedy what came to your mind about what you would be thankful for? Asha related that the same thing happened, only worse, in her country and said thanks to the Lord that not so many people were hurt or killed during the Boston Marathon bombing.
2. Carolyn Warner: Were you ever in a competition at school/camp? How did you make out and how did it help mould your character? Carolyn discussed the swim team at school and said she is still a competitive person.
3. Linda Campbell: As a third grade teacher ready to give a writing assignment, what would you do if a student suddenly said, "Did something happen in Boston yesterday?" Linda commented that a similar incident had happened to her at her first grade class Morning Meeting.
4. Donald Ostertag: What are you feelings when you see a soldier? Donald related how much he appreciates people saying " Thank you for your service" and that he always thanks other servicemen and women he meets for their service.
5. Brian Terry: Have you ever been on the receiving end of a stranger reaching out his hand to help? Brian related how while running a past Boston Marathon he was helped by people during a race when he developed a cramp and how they became friends.
6. Charlie Hubert: Given the scenario of having sold a painting for a million dollars, Charlie was asked where he would go and what he would paint for his next adventure. Charlie commented that he loves to paint nature scenes, but in this instance, would copy them from the Internet and not go anywhere. He offered several interesting thoughts on money saying, "It amplifies your values.... It does not buy happiness.".
7. Rob Dalo: If offered one million dollars, where will you go to work in a foreign country to help people who really need your help. Where will you go and what will you do? Rob said he would go to Panama, the last country he visited, and start a school for disadvantaged children and consult Sharon for advice.
Prepared Speeches:
Speaker # 1: Phil Mason, CC
Manual/Project: Storytelling Advanced Communications/The Touching Story, #4 (6-8 min.)
Title: Mr. Meister
Speaker # 2: Heather Turner, ACB
Manual/Project: Advanced Manual/Entertaining Speaker, Resources for Entertainment, #2
(5-7 min.)
Title: All Women Can Do Wonders if They are Put to the Test
Speaker # 3: Donald Ostertag
Manual/Project: Reading in front of a group
Title: Toastmaster Magazine 'Connecting with People'
Speaker # 4: Carolyn Warner
Manual/Project: Reading 'Student-of-the-Month' speech to be given in school
General Evaluator: Holllie Rose
Hollie remarked that Sharon's personalized Table Topics were a good idea, thanked the officers for the descriptions of their roles, complimented Elizabeth on her great job as Toastmaster, thanked Brian for reading the Toastmasters International Mission Statement and Don for his motivational invocation. She suggested we make an effort to begin meetings on time and further mentioned the basement dining room's sound was hard on the ears. At the close of the meeting, Hollie thanked the members for their functionary reports and remarked that each said he/she would report at the end of the meeting, without Tom's reminding.
Evaluator # 1: Rob Dalo ( Phil Mason, CC)
Evaluator # 2: Cheryl Mason, DTM, (Heather Turner, ACB)
Evaluator # 3: Sharon Roth, ACS, ALB(Don Ostertag)
Evaluator # 4: Round Robin evaluation/each attendee participated (Carolyn Warner)
Functionary Reports:
Grammarian: Linda Campbell
Ah Counter: Crystal Storo, CL
Timer: Carolyn Warner
At the close of the meeting Rob announced that emails will be sent on upcoming conferences and the officer nomination process. He discussed the office of Treasurer, Brian's service for many years and mentioned that the position will be open. In Mano's absence, Crystal gave a description of his role of VP for Membership and mentioned that much of it has been behind the scenes ( for ex: guest packets and new membership packets). Cheryl inquired about the benefits of each office and the officers put forward details about how the particular office held benefited them personally. Rob started us off discussing the challenges and benefits of being president of our club. He advised us that it is so much more fun when we participate on the court rather than stay in the stands with the words, "Play at every meeting like you did tonight!".
Division C Contest: April 25th Place: Colchester Senior Center, 95 Norwich Ave., Time: 6:30 (Note: food will be available.)
The next meeting: May 7th ( nominations for officers)
Election of Officers: May 1st (new term begins in July)
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Co-secretary

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