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Cromwell Community Toastmasters Meeting Minutes - Feb 5, 2013

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
February 5, 2013
Attendees: Fourteen members attended: Tom Alvord, Karen Breton, Linda Campbell, Rob Dalo, Charlie Hubert, Phil Mason, Donald Ostertag, Sheetal Patel, Hollie Rose, Sharon Roth, Rammanohar Rudravajhala, Crystal Storo, William Sullivan, Heather Turner, Carolyn Warner
Guests: Luke and Gaia McDermott, Anthony and Evan Glenn, Asha, Jesse
Business Meeting:
The meeting was called to order promptly at 5:30 by Charlie, Sergeant at Arms. Rob commented that we have a full house tonight and welcomed the guests. He introduced Crystal, wishing her a Happy Birthday, and surprised us with delicious birthday cupcakes. Crystal filled in the District Club Program Goals chart with Rob commenting that it was an exceptional AAA+ Report Card. She further explained how Toastmasters earn CC and CL credits.
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Heather Turner, ACB, CL Heather advised us not to talk while other Toastmasters are at the podium. She reminded us about the upcoming Glastonbury/Cromwell combined Toastmasters meeting on March 4th and encouraged us to sign up for roles.
Invocation: Donald Ostertag- Pushing through moments when you want to give up makes
you stronger. Never give up on yourself and others won't give up on you.
Word Master: Tom Alvord, ACB, ALB
Word - of - the - Day: Prefatory- adjective- meaning introductory- "My prefatory remarks..
Table Topics Master: Heather Turner ACB, CL
Theme: Toys
Charlie Hubert- Rabid fan of Wonder Woman doll on Ebay
Sharon Roth- BMW Convertible/where would you go and why?
Jesse- Shamrock glasses from significant other
Tom Alvord- Cousin's kids playing with your expensive toy planes
Rob Dalo- 'Live long and prosper' Star Trek hand from significant other
Prepared Speeches:
Speaker # 1: Sheetal Patel
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator/#4 How to Say It
Title: Time - A Precious Commodity
Speaker # 2: Karen Bretom
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator/#1 The Icebreaker
Title: Introducing ME
Speaker # 3: William Sullivan, ACB, ALB
Manual/Project: Storytelling/#3 The Moral of the Story
Title: Choose Your Battles Wisely
Speaker # 4: Crystal Storo, CL
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator/#5 Your Body Speaks
Title: It's My Birthday, Why Not?
General Evaluator: Elizabeth Landeen
Elizabeth highlighted several positive aspects of tonight's meeting: guests were greeted immediately, everyone's enthusiasm, elements of Toastmasters were explained for the benefits of the new faces in the room and how the four expert evaluations help us all to learn. She reminded us to take our name cards from the welcoming table upon entering.
Evaluator # 1: Sharon Roth, ACS, ALB
Evaluator # 2: Robert Dalo
Evaluator # 3: Tom Alvord, ACB, ALB
Evaluator # 4: Phil Mason, CC
Functionary Reports:
Grammarian: Rob Dalo
Ah Counter: Carolyn Warner
Timer: Donald Ostertag
At the close of the meeting Rob asked the guests for their thoughts. Jesse said, " I like this club!" Anthony stated he was " extremely impressed." Luke commented, "I enjoyed it." Gaia enthused, " I am thrilled to be here." Evan said, " I enjoyed it. It was fun, warm and supportive." Asha happily said, " I would like to join the club." Rob closed the meeting stating that we can now fill in the rest of the box on the District Club Program Goals Chart for the fourth new member and further thanked us all for coming.
The next meeting: February 19th
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Co-secretary

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