Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meeting Notes – Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Sergeant at Arms:            Charlie Hubert

Business Meeting:            Rob Dalo

Toastmaster:                    Crystal Storo

Word of the Day:              Hollie Rose

Invocation:                        Charlie Hubert
Table Topics Master:        Hollie Rose

Speaker #1:                       Elizabeth Landeen
                                          Manual:  Competent Communicator
                                          Project:  # 3 - Get To The Point (5-7 mins)
Title: Building Credibility w/ your Audience & the Role of Confidence!

Speaker #2:                       Cheryl Mason, DTM
                                          Manual:  Competent Communicator
                                          Project:  # 10 – Inspire Your Audience (8-10 mins)
                                          Title:  The Gift

Speaker #3:                       Sheetal Patel
      Manual: Competent Communicator
                                          Project: # 5 – Your Body Speaks (5-7 mins)
                                          Title: Africa

Speaker #4:                       Heather Turner, ACB, CL
      Manual: The Entertaining Speaker
                                          Project: # 1 – The Entertaining Speech (5-7 mins)
                                          Title: The Shopping Trip From Hell

General Evaluator:           Bill Sullivan, ACB, ALB

Evaluator 1:                      Rob Dalo
Evaluator 2:                      Heather Turner, ACB, CL
Evaluator 3:                      Amy Ansah, ACB
Evaluator 3:                      Charlie Hubert

Ah Counter:                       Bo Bogart

Grammarian:                    Sharon Roth, ACS, ALB

Timer:                               Karen Breton
Closing:                              Rob Dalo

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