Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cromwell Community Toastmasters Meeting Minutes - December 18, 2012

Cromwell Community Toastmasters Club 5908 ~ District 53
December 18, 2012
Attendees: Fourteen members attended: Tom Alvord, Amy Ansah,Linda Campbell, Rob Dalo, Charlie Hubert, Joe Leonard, Phil Mason, Donald Ostertag, Sheetal Patel, Hollie Rose, Rammanohar Rudravajhala, Crystal Storo, William Sullivan, Heather Turner and three guests: Bo, Asha, Susan, and Kate (Rob's daughter)
Business Meeting:
The meeting was called to order promptly at 5:30 by a very enthusiastic Charlie. Rob introduced guests Bo and his daughter, Kate and discussed the upcoming holiday party on January 15th. More information on the party to come.
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Phil Mason, CC
Invocation: Heather Turner, ACB, CL "Appreciation prayer" and a moment of silence was observed.
Word Master: Linda Campbell
Word - of - the - Day: elan - Noun- spirited self assurance; panache
Table Topics Master: Rob Dalo
Theme: One minute Elevator Speech ( role play) - Something you want to accomplish in your professional life:
Heather and Rob
Tom and Rob
Kate and Phil
Linda and Bo
Donald and Mano
Prepared Speeches:
Speaker # 1: Rammanohar Rudravajhala, CC
Manual/Project: Advanced Communication Series/Technical presentation
Title: An Introduction to Cloud
Speaker # 2: William Sullivan, ACB, ALB
Manual/Project: Storytelling/Bringing History to Life
Title: Creating the Gettysburg Address
Speaker # 3: Hollie Rose
Manual/Project: Competent Communication/The Icebreaker
Title: I Contain Multitudes
Speaker # 4: Tom Alvord, ACB, ALB
Manual/Project: Asserting Yourself Effectively
Title: The Nuisance
General Evaluator: Amy Ansah, CC
Amy asked for the functionary reports and provided positive comments on each of the prepared speeches. She thanked Hollie for bringing the delicious holiday cookies.
Evaluator # 1: Sheetal Patel
Evaluator # 2: Crystal Storo, CL
Evaluator # 3: Heather Turner, ACB, CL
Evaluator # 4: Charlie Hubert
Functionary Reports:
Grammarian: Crystal Storo, CL
Ah Counter: Bo Bogart
Timer: Donald Ostertag
At the close of the meeting, Rob commented that all the seats were filled tonight. A suggestion was made that a sign be placed on the door inviting guests to 'walk in' when the meeting is in progress. Further it was agreed that three seats near the door should be reserved for late arriving guests. Rob asked the guests for their thoughts on the meeting. Kate mentioned the ease with which everyone spoke due to the atmosphere of friendship and support within the club. Bill suggested to members that they further try to get out of their comfort zones by speaking at other clubs. Rob acknowledged and thanked Heather for her hard work on the website. He congratulated Hollie on her Icebreaker speech saying " Great things can happen when you shed some skin". Rob closed the meeting and thanked us all for coming.
The next meeting: January 8, 2012
Holiday Party: January 15, 2013 (More information to follow)
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Co-secretary

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