Thursday, August 9, 2012

Meeting Minutes - August 7, 2012

Members: Tom Alvord, Amy Ansah, Linda Campbell, Chu Chiang Chang, Rob Dalo, Charlie Hubert, Cheryl Mason, Phil Mason, Louis Nizet, Sharon Roth, Mano Rudravajhala, Heather Turner
Guests: Eric Some', Traci Eapplardo, Joey Dalo, Lizabeth Dobosz
Business Meeting:
Rob Dalo reminded us that we can use the President's Distinguished Club chart as a report card and that "we have a great club because of us".
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Rammanohar Rudravajhala, CC
Invocation: Mano used the analogy of the recent successful Mars landing of the robotic explorer Curiosity, explaining when people use their positive energy and put their hearts and souls into something they can achieve greatness, and related this to our achievement of President's Distinguished Club.
Word Master: Charlie Hubert - Word-of-the-Day: Bedaub - verb - Meaning: to smudge over; over decorate.
Table Topics Master: Cheryl Mason DTM
Theme: The Olympics/Places to visit
Louis Nizet CC: Importance of keeping your goal in your mind
Joey Dalo: Would like to be a Midwife in Africa
Eric Some': Everything is very different in Africa; People are beautiful
Traci Eapplardo: Going to Bike Week in Daytona
Chu Chiang Chang: Would like to visit China
Speaker # 1: Phil Mason
Manual: Competent Communicator
Project: Inspire Your Audience
Title: Listen to People, and Learn
Speaker # 2: Heather Turner ACB
Manual: Technical Presentations
Project: The Non technical Audience
Title: Online Reputation Management for Business
Speaker # 3: Amy Ansah
Manual: Competent Communicator
Project: The Ice Breaker
Speaker # 4: Sharon Roth ACS, CL
Manual: High Performance Leadership
Title: We Did It!
General Evaluator: Heather Turner reminded us that people come first and the completed chart is a by-product of a successful club. She complimented the members on their preparation for club meetings and ability to laugh and enjoy themselves during the meetings. Heather further congratulated Amy for her Ice Breaker and Phil for achieving his CC, both on the same day! Heather offered three excellent suggestions: instructional cards for the technicians so they know what to say, cheat sheets defining Toastmaster terminology for guests, and requesting the timer to be seated in front of the speaker.
Evaluator # 1: Rob Dalo
Evaluator # 2: Charlie Hubert
Evaluator # 3: Tom Alvord ACB, ALB
Evaluator # 4: Cheryl Mason DTM
Grammarian: Linda Campbell
Ah Counter: Amy Ansah
Timer: Charlie Hubert
Heather reminded us about the upcoming 'ABCs of Facebook' free workshop held on August 16th from 6:30- 8:00 in the Arch Room at the Town Hall.
Mano mentioned that Toastmasters is about developing our public speaking, listening and leadership skills.
Rob Dalo concluded the meeting with awards and congratulations to Phil Mason for completing his CC manual and Sharon Roth for achieving her Advanced Leadership Silver. He asked our guests for their thoughts on how they enjoyed their visit to Cromwell Community Toastmasters. Rob reminded us that the next meeting will be on August 21st and encouraged us to sign up for roles with the words, "It's more fun when you're involved".
Next meeting: August 21st
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Co-Secretary

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