Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 21, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: 12 members attended: Amy Ansah, Linda Campbell, Rob Dalo Charlie Hubert, Elizabeth Landeen, Cheryl Mason, Phil Mason, Sharon Roth, Rammanohar (Mano) Rudravjhala,Crystal Storo, William Sullivan, Heather Turner
Business Meeting:
Charlie Hubert, Sergeant at Arms, called the Cromwell Community Toastmasters meeting to order at 5:30 and introduced our President, Rob Dalo. Rob welcomed everyone to the meeting and announced the following awards:
Amy Ansah - Toastmasters Membership Pin and Certificate, Icebreakers Speech Ribbon/Mints
Cheryl Mason - President's Distinguished Club 2011-2012 Blue Ribbon Added to Club Collection
Crystal Storo - Competent Leader Achievement Certificate
Heather Turner - Appreciation Certificate- ABCs of Facebook Presentation
(good turn out, lots of public relations for club, local Patch
featured in Rare Reminder 5 weeks, 18 attendees)
Crystal announced our upcoming Club Speech Contest: Humorous Speeches and Evaluations.Mano is the contest chairperson. Crystal further mentioned that we need volunteers ( contestants, ballot counters, timers etc.). Crystal updated us on the DCP progress as follows:
Goal 1: 2 CCs : Akshay Dhote, CC, Phil Mason, CC
Goal 5: 1 CL: Crystal Storo, CL
Goal 6: 1: ALB: Sharon Roth, ACS CL
Goal 7: 1/2 2 of 4 new members: Chu Chaing, Amy Ansah
Goal 9: 1/2 summer officer training
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Charlie Hubert
Invocation: Elizabeth Landeen - "We are all meant to shine!"- Marianne
Word Master: Heather Turner, ACB
Word - of - the - Day: Audacity- Noun - meaning: bold, daring
Table Topics Master: Heather Turner
Round robin story beginning..."It was a dark and stormy night..."
ending " was all a dream...".
Prepared Speeches:
Speaker # 1: Rammanohar (Mano) Rudravajhala, CC
Special Occasion Speeches - Mastering the Toast
Title: "Toast for Father's Retirement"
Speaker # 2: Crystal Storo, CL
CC Project # 3 Get to the Point
Title: "Fan"
Speaker # 3: Amy Ansah
CC Project # 2 Organize Your Speech
Title: "Dreamacore" (Invest in focusing on what you can do to
Speaker # 4: Linda Campbell
CC Project # 4 How to Say It
Title: "Must Love Cats"
General Evaluator: Cheryl Mason, DTM
Cheryl commented on the helpfulness of the Toastmaster signs, the
excellent room setup, our beginning the meeting on time, and
thanked Charlie for taking dual roles of Sergeant at Arms and
Toastmaster. She further discussed the importance of all speech
evaluations helping everyone learn and grow by providing
feedback (examples: slow down, add a personal story,
importance of a smile, word usage). Cheryl suggested we could
improve by being certain to provide information on the speech
project and speech objective/s for inclusion on the meeting
Evaluator # 1: Crystal Storo, CL ( for Mano Rudravajhala, CC )
Evaluator # 2: Rob Dalo ( for Crystal Storo, CL)
Evaluator # 3: Sharon Roth, ACS CL ( for Amy Ansah )
Evaluator # 4: William Sullivan, ACB ALB ( for Linda Campbell )
Functionary Reports:
Grammarian: Rob Dalo
Ah Counter: Phil Mason
Timer: Elizabeth Landeen
At the close of the meeting, opportunities for using Toastmaster skills were discussed. Rob Dalo shared his experience of giving a toast at his 25th wedding anniversary, Crystal Storo talked about her webcam interviews, and Mano discussed his technical presentations at work.
Rob closed the meeting with these salient words, "It's more fun if you participate!"
The next meeting: September 4, 2012.
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Co-secretary

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