Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 17, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Members: Tom Alvord, Linda Campbell, Chu Chiang Chang, Rob Dalo, Charlie Hubert, Elizabeth Landeen, Cheryl Mason, Phil Mason, Louis Nizet, Angie Ondrick, Don Ostertag, Sharon Roth, Mano Rudravajhala, Crystal Storo, Bill Sullivan, Mary Talbot, Heather Turner
GuestsElize Nizet, Neda (Cassie) Solinis, Charnaie Gordon ( past member, now a member of the Middlesex Community Toastmasters), Rob Schaff, Laura Dinan (Division C Governor), Rachel Mele (Area Governor)
Business Meeting:
Rob Dalo mentioned that we needed a bigger room as we were at a capacity of twenty-three members and guests tonight. He introduced the guests and notified us that an executive meeting would be held after the general meeting.
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Crystal Storo
Invocation: Linda Campbell - "Two men looked out of prison bars. One saw mud; the
other saw stars." On what we choose to focus makes all the difference.
Word Master: Elizabeth Landeen - Word-of-the-Day: Protean -adjective - Meaning: display great diversity or variety. ( Appeared in New York Times last year over fifty-two times )
Table Topics Master: Elizabeth Landeen
Theme: Fortune Cookies
Tom Alvord - Newly elected officers
Rob Dalo - Be discreet; it's a gift
Mano Rudravajala - Challenges at work; enjoy what you're doing
Laura Dinan - Bargain shopping pays off
Neda (Cassie) Solinas - Making cultural contacts
Donald Ostertag - Lost and found ring on beach
Speaker # 1: William Sullivan ACB, ALB
Manual: Persuasive Speaking
Project: Addressing the Opposition
Title: It's a No Brainer
Speaker # 2: Rob Schaff ACS, ALB
Manual: Competent Communicator
Project: #7 Research Your Topic
Title: Target Knows Your Pregnant
Club Officer Installation: Tom Alvord ( past president, now steward and statesman) was thanked by our Area Governor, Rachel Mele, for his service as Cromwell Community Toastmaster President. The following officers were sworn in:
President - Rob Dalo
Vice President of Education - Crystal Storo
Vice President of Membership - Mano Rudravajhala
Vice President of Public Relations - Heather Turner
Co-Secretaries - Linda Campbell/Mary Talbot
Treasurer - Brian Fleming
Sergeant at Arms - Charlie Hubert
Speaker # 3: Rachel Mele ACB, Area Governor
Manual: Advanced Communication Series, Speeches by Management
Project 5: #1 The Briefing
Title: Distinguished Club Recognition
Area 34 Governor Rachel Mele presented Cromwell Community Toastmasters with a LARGE personalized DCP Record chart on foam board for us to track our points. Rachel mentioned that only 15% of the clubs in District 53 are President's Distinguished including our club!

General Evaluator: Sharon Roth ACS, CL
Sharon suggested that the Toastmasters banner be placed both inside and outside of the room. She congratulated Crystal for completion of her CL manual. Sharon complimented the Table Topics Master, Elizabeth Landeen for a new and fun idea for Table Topics. Sharon mentioned that all roles were filled tonight and further complimented the speech evaluators on their excellent and detailed evaluations. Thanks was given to Crystal Storo for making our new place cards.
Evaluator # 1: Cheryl Mason DTM
Evaluator # 2: Heather Turner ACB
Evaluator # 3: Mary Talbot
Grammarian: Mary Talbot
Ah Counter: Phil Mason
Timer: Charlie Hubert
Heather announced the upcoming  'ABCs of Facebook'  free workshop August 16th 6:30-8:30 in the Arch Room at the Town Hall. 
Rob Dalo concluded the meeting with congratulations to Crystal Storo for completion of her CL manual. He further asked our guests for their comments on tonight's meeting and thanked them for coming.
Next meeting: August 7th.
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Co- Secretary

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