Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 3, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Club 5908 ~ District 53
July 3, 2012 Meeting Mintues

AttendeesTom Alvord, Louis Nizet, Charles Hubert, Cheryl Mason, Sharon Roth, William Sullivan, Crystal Storo, Philip Mason, Mano Rudravajhala, Donald Ostertag, Linda Campbell

GuestsSusan Weeden, Chu-Chaing Chang, Amy Ansah, and Cassie.

Business Meeting:
Tom Alvord informed us that Cromwell Community Toastmasters had grown from eight members a few years ago to twenty-four members currently. Tom announced that we will have the official installation of new officers at the July 17th meeting
Crystal Storo, VP of Education, welcomed everyone and thanked members and guests for coming during the holiday week. Crystal further thanked Cheryl Mason for her hard work last year in maintaining our club as a President's Distinguished Club. She discussed the recent TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) held in Manchester on June 23rd, mentioning that we had six out of seven officers in attendance giving us a point on our board. Crystal told us that the TLI's are open to anyone, informing us that two non-members attended. Future meetings will be posted, however there is an upcoming meeting on July 7th in Hamden. Crystal announced that we will all be receiving new Toastmasters name tags as well as name tent cards ( suggested in a previous meeting by Sharon Roth), and also passed out a contact spreadsheet.

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster: Charlie Hubert

Invocation: Louis Nizet - We are born with love in our hearts, but the world can teach us to
to fear. Fear is overrated.

Word Master: Cheryl Mason
Word-of-the-Day: Pundit - noun - meaning: An expert, and authority in
a certain area (of Sanskrit

Table Topics Master: Mano Rudravajala
Theme: Independence Day
Phil Mason: July 4th at school
Cheryl Mason: Anticipation of July 4th
Suzanne Whelon: Landmark day/911
Donald Ostertag: Newly arrived in USA/New Britain
Amy Ansah: First time/ theater-Lion King
Sharon Roth: Patriotism and our freedoms

Speaker # 1: Crystal Storo
CC Project # 2 Organize Your Speech
Title: Our Nation's Emblem

Speaker # 2: Linda Campbell
CC Project # 3 Get to the Point
Title: A Plum of a Writer

Speaker # 3: Sharon Roth
Manual: Interpersonal Communications
Project 5: Asserting Yourself Effectively
Title: Just Say No

General Evaluator: Mano Rudravajala
Mano commented that we learn something new at each Toastmasters meeting and offered these salient words: "This is a place to speak."
"Success isn't final; failure isn't fatal; it's courage that counts!"

Evaluator # 1: Phil Mason

Evaluator # 2: Bill Sullivan

Evaluator # 3: Tom Alvord

Grammarian: Cheryl Mason

Ah Counter: Amy Ansah

Timer: Phil Mason

Crystal Storo thanked Charlie Hubert for being Toastmaster and Mano for taking on a dual role of Topics Master and General Evaluator at tonight's meeting. Crystal asked each of the guests for feedback on their experience of the meeting.

Next meeting: July 17, 2012. See you then!

Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Co- Secretary

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