Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 19th, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53 ~ Area C-34
Members: Tom Alvord, Cheryl Mason, Heather Turner, Crystal Storo, Philip Mason, Bill Sullivan, Rob Dalo, Mano Rudravajala, Linda Campbell, Mary Talbot, Charlie Hubert, Sharon Roth, Danny Strong, Jay Polke, Elizabeth Landeen, and Don Ostertag.
Guests: Amy Ansah
Business Meeting:
Tom Alvord, our current Club President, thanked the club for a successful year and thanked each of the current Officers for their support. Tom announced that at the previous meeting we had our official election and voted in the new Officers as follow:
President: Rob Dalo
Vice President of Education: Crystal Storo
Vice President of Membership: Mano Rudravajala
Vice President of Public Relations: Heather Turner
Secretary: Linda Campbell
Treasurer: Brian Fleming
Sargeant of Arms: Charlie Hubert
Tom informed the group that we would be holding a mini-ceremony at the end of the meeting this evening. Tom also announced that member, Akshay Dhote, will be moving on to California and would be leaving the club after tonight. In an attempt to help him achieve his goal of completing his CC aaward, Akshay would give 2 speeches this evening, one during the meeting, and one after the meeting. Tom encouraged members to stick around to hear his final speech immediately following the adjournment of the meeting.
Cheryl Mason, our current Club Vice President of Education, congratulated everyone of achieving the President's Distinguished recognition this year. Cheryl displayed the DCP poster and went over the 9 of 10 goals we reached over the year. Cheryl also thanked the club for a successful year and passed on the new DCP poster to the newly elected, Vice President of Education Crystal Storo.
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Heather Turner
Invocation: Charlie Hubert
Word Master: Elizabeth Landeen
                        Word of the day: Fantast - Noun - Meaning: A visionary or dreamer
Table Topics Master: Crystal Storo
                                     Theme: Off-The-Cuff Occasions
                                     Amy Ansah - Highschool Reunion
                                     Jay Polke - Neighbor's 50th Anniversary
                                     Charlie Hubert - Best Friend's Wedding
                                     Danny Strong - Newbie at the Office
                                     Rob Dalo - Congratulating your Daughters
                                     Bill Sullivan - Scary Campfire story
                                     Don Ostertag - Gas station robbing, News Van
Speaker # 1: Mary Talbot
                      CC Project # 6, Vocal Variety
                      Title: Charles Russell, The Artist I grew up on
Speaker # 2: Akshay Dhote
                      CC Project # 9, Persuade with Power
                      Title: Save the Tiger
Speaker # 3: Linda Campbell
                      CC Project # 2, Organize your speech
                      Title: The Homestead Act
General Evaluator: Crystal Storo
Evaluator # 1: Sharon Roth
Evaluator # 2: Cheryl Mason
Evaluator # 3: Elizabeth Landeen
Grammarian: Bill Sullivan
Ah Counter: Phil Mason
Timer: Elizabeth Landeen
Tom Alvord recognized and presented Akshay Dhote with a Certificate of Appreciate for his participation in Cromwell Community Toastmaster. Tom reminded everyone to feel free to stay at the end of the meeting to hear Akshay's final speech.
Tom and Cheryl Mason also recognized each current Officer for their contributions over the past year. Each Officer was presented with an award and a handy Toastmasters International tote bag.
Cheryl also recognized Tom and presented him with a unique Toastmasters plaque congratulating and thanking him for a successful year serving as Club President.
Tom gave a brief story of reminiscence of how he first met Cheryl and his time getting to know her. He also recognized Cheryl and presented her with a special gift and framed award thanking her for amazing leadership, guidance and support to this club and serving as Vice President of Education.
Tom and Cheryl also called up and presented each of the newest members of the club with a TI pin. They also called up and presented a pin to all members who had not gotten one in the past.
Akshay Dhote gave his last speech, Project # 10 Inspire Your Audience. His speech title was The Only Constant. Rob Dalo evaluated his speech and we all congratulated him and wished him much success in the future. Akshay promises he will keep in touch with us and potentially look to join a new club in California.
Prepared by: Crystal Storo, Club Secretary 6/24/12

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