Monday, August 31, 2015

Meeting Minutes August 18, 2015

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
Tues, August 18, 2015

Attendees:    Don Ostertag, Crystal Storo, Bill Sullivan, Danielle Payne, Hollie Rose,  Charlie Hubert, Sheetal Patel, Gaia McDermott, Rob Dalo, Peter Davis,

Guests:  Amy, Maribell

Business Meeting

4 officers have been trained in this first training period: Andrew, Don, Jen and Hollie
This gives us our first point for the Distinguished Club Program.

Toastmaster Andrew Watt

Invocation Don Ostertag 

Table Topics Rob Dalo
  • [Bill] What is your dream vacation?: I spent time in Old Lyme shores and was able to disconnect from everything... looking at the sunset, crabbing, fishing on a kayak,.  2:05
  • [Gaia]  What is your favorite trip from childhood?   Ireland. Mother and father are from Ireland. Spent time with relatives. 1:13
  • [Danielle] What would be your dream vacation?   I was going to take a road trip to Arizona but ended up working instead. 0:48
  • [Amy]  What vacation did you go on with your Dad?   Camping in Canada. We explored muscles, shells and had a great time. 0:59
  •  [Mirabel]  Tell us anything you want:  We wanted to drive from Illinois to Nevada. It took two days longer than expected.   We got to see the Rocky Mountains.  2:02
  • [Sheetal]  Tell me about India?  The town in India is like Connecticut compared to New York. It is near the water.  One of the biggest festivals lasts 9 nights full of dancing. 2:44
  • [Don]  Tell us about visiting your daughter?  He was going to see his daughter in Vegas. He was on medication for a respiratory infection and just slept and relaxed the whole time. 1:13

Speaker # 1:  Andrew Watt 7:51
Manual/Project: Speaking to Inform, #3
Title: Contrast in Graphic Design
I have a presentation about graphic design without a projector. I will be teaching graphic design.  Graphic designers use CARP which stands for Contrast Alignment Repetition and Proximity. We as humans like sameness. There was an article on diversity with everyone the same age, same ethnicity, same clothing. People need to think about diversity. Different fonts also can represent diversity. Good graphic designers think about contrast.

Speaker # 2:  Peter N. Davis 4:17
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator #2
Why I joined Toastmasters
I feel I am swimming against the current. I want to be a teacher but there are some things I need to work on. Number one, I get nervous in front of a group. Number two, my voice goes from high to low tone. Number three, I have a lisp that comes out when I annunciate my “S’s.” Number four, I wrinkle my face when I am thinking. These issues create a lack of self-confidence. I joined Toastmasters to help me reach my career goals. 

Evaluator # 1:  Crystal  3:59
The speech was open and honest. Thing didn’t go as planned but you did well. You made the computer visible to all and we were able to connect with you. You had a good sense of humor. You also used examples other than the computer. The examples with the bad and good choice of diversity were interesting. All in all good, maybe a little a little longer next time.

Evaluator # 2:  Bill Sullivan 3:14
Good visual… swimming against the tide.  You told us what you were going to tell us and then you told us. Good organization by numbering your points. Maybe more detail now. Make the speech about you more than your advisor. Again you mentioned turning against the tide at the end and you brought it back to the beginning.

Officials’ Reports:

WordMaster: Charlie Hubert  Prodigious, marvelous or enormous.  Rob 2, Andrew 1, Peter 1, Maribell 1

Timer:  Amy Hubert times given, see above

Grammarian:  Don Ostertag  Gaia- “I’m an extension of America.” Maribell used coincide very well. Peter to “embark on my career and turn the tide in my favor.”

Ah Counter:  Sheetal Patel Hollie 1, Andrew 2, Rob 6, Bill 2, Gaia 3, Danielle 8, Amy 4, Maribel 3, Don 2, Peter 12, Crystal 5.

General Evaluator: Hollie Rose
Thank you Charlie and Don for the signs. Hollie: “The president seems disorganized.” Thank you Rob for doing table topics.

In closing:  
The fall contest topics are humorous and table topics. Our fall contest will be September 15th.

Next meeting: September 1, 2014 – Area 44 Director August Wolf will be joining us

Respectfully submitted by

Danielle Payne, Secretary

[Posted by Hollie Rose]

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