Saturday, August 8, 2015

Connecting for Toastmasters Around the World

Today, our club website on Facebook got an interesting note. There was a private message from someone who wanted to visit our club and attend the very next meeting.  At first, our Facebook webmaster was deeply excited.  But something struck him as odd: the few visible photographs of the person messaging were filled with pictures of mountains.

Distinctly non-Connecticut-like mountains.

If you search for "Connecticut" and "Mountains" on Google images, you will seem some wooded hills, and some photographs of mountains that turn out to be a Norwich or Norfolk couple planning a 5,000 mile-long hike... in the Rockies.  Mountains like these mountains in this visitor's image don't really happen in this part of the world.

And we know it.

So our webmaster did a little more investigation. And it turned out that this person was looking for Cromwell, New Zealand toastmasters, not Cromwell Community Toastmasters in Connecticut.

Now, thanks to the Toastmasters International website, our webmaster was able to look up the possible clubs for a Cromwell, New Zealand visitor, and find two clubs close by: Queensland Toastmasters, and Wanaka Toastmasters, both of which are a little less than 25 miles from Cromwell, New Zealand.  We got this person the right information, at the right time, so that they could in theory make the meeting that's just a couple of nights from tonight.

So once again, we're a Connecticut club.  But this little bit of international goodwill and cooperation — achieved simply by a little attention to detail, and some web-search skills — proves again how Toastmasters is a place where leaders are made.

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