Friday, December 20, 2013

VPPR on a Road Trip 3

As you may know, your intrepid VPPR (that's me - Hollie Rose, CC) is on a Road Trip. I have determined to make Toastmasters a part of this adventure. I'm blogging about other clubs I visit.

I fell in love with Memphis, Tennessee.
I spent a couple of days there and I managed to find a club not too far from where I was staying.
I walked to the meeting site with no idea how long it would actually take me so I arrived pretty early. It was to be held in a conference room at The Urban Child Institute. I sat alone in the room, reflecting on life and the holidays for about ten minutes.

Toastmasters club #1530301
Brain Builders Toastmasters
Memphis, Tennessee
Dec. 17, 2013 Noon
Location: The Urban Child Institute, 600 Jefferson Ave.

Ashutosh Pandey was the first to enter the room with a warm hello. He was followed by Detlef Heck. Both of them were friendly and pleasant. And both asked me, at about the same exact moment, if I'd do a speech. Detlef explained that they were a very small club and there was only one scheduled speaker today.

I said I would. I told them I'd promised some of the members of my home club that I would give a speech any time I was asked.

Sotonte Ebenibo was the next to enter the room, again with warm greetings. Then came Grant, whose last name I did not catch. Grant is their brandy newest member. Last to join us was Gloria Dobbs. What a fabulous little group.

Sotonte gave a quick opening to the meeting - he is both the President and today's Toastmaster.
We jumped right in with the Word of the Day, given by Ash.
Juggernaut - an overwhelming force, particularly a destructive one.

Speech # 1 - Speaking to Inform Manual, project 5,
Title: You Are What You Eat by Detlef Heck. Evaluated by Sotonte Ebenibo
This was an excellent speech by an excellent speaker. His objective was to convey to the audience an abstract concept. Detlef is a professor at the University of Tennessee in the Anatomy and Neurobiology department. Today he was speaking about some of the newest scientific awarenesses around the idea of gut bacteria and its effect on a body's overall health. It was truly fascinating.

Speech # 2 - Custom Speech
Title: How I Came to Be Here Today by Hollie Rose. Evaluated by Detlef Heck.
I spoke about the reasons for my journey across the country and some of what I've encountered so far.

Ash was today's Table Topic Master. He had three thoughtful questions for the group.
Grant was asked what he'd say if he only had one minute to talk a suicidal person off the ledge.
Sotonte was asked to share with us what got him into trouble most as a youth.
Gloria was asked if she had 1000$ to give away, who would she give it to?

The evaluations were encouraging and kind and the meeting was short and sweet.

Because my walk there was longer then expected, Detlef gave me a ride back to my hotel while we discussed how to grow membership and contemplated some of the newest scientific research in various disciplines. If I lived in Memphis this would be my club, hands down.

~~~~~ Hollie

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