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Meeting Minutes Cromwell Community Club #5908 12-3-2013

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
December 2, 2013

Attendees:    Members attended: Robert Dalo, Elizabeth Landeen, Donald Ostertag, Hollie Rose CC, Crystal Storo CC, CL, Andrew Watt, Charlie Hubert, John Hart, Robin Thompson, Carmen Jenkins, Tom Alvord, Sheetal Patel,and Bill Sullivan

Business Meeting:
The meeting was called to order by Charlie Hubert.  President Crystal Storo spoke about the agendas on the website. Because we have so many new members and older members who may not always think about the way our website agendas work, she gave us an overview of some of the main points. She invited everyone to challenge themselves to try new roles and sign up for them in advance.  For those who may not have recently accessed the online agendas, she passed around a printed copy of the agenda for the next meeting and asked for people to sign up that night for roles.

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster: Crystal Storo

Invocation: Robin Thompson - read the Toastmasters mission statement

Word Master: Tom Alvord
Word-of-the-Day:  Exculpate – show or declare that (someone) is not guilty of wrongdoing.

Table Topics Master:  Andrew Watt
Theme:  Game design versus unusual ways of looking at story telling.  Andrew offered attendees a choice of either using deck of cards that related to game design (the deck was designed by Jesse Schell and Andrew invited us to look into him further if we had interest in this area) or an app on his phone that addressed story telling. (The app is called Oblique Strategies and was designed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt)  
Table topic speakers included: Charlie speaking about fairness; Crystal talking about her cat and her Christmas tree; Hollie contemplating note taking; Rob discussing a movie and book he’s interested in; Donald talking about characters that transform; Elizabeth gave further thoughts about taking notes; and Sheetal spoke about what is safe.

Speaker # 1:  Hollie Rose
Manual/Project: Communicating on Television/Project 4-The Press Conference  
Title:  Walkabout     
Hollie told us of her upcoming plans for a road trip journey to begin this coming week. She spoke about why she’s wanted to do this and why now is the best time and she told us some of her loose plans as well as rules she has given herself. Then, in the manner of a Press Conference, she answered questions from the audience.

Speaker # 2:  Andrew Watt
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator/Project 5-Your Body Speaks 
Title:  Knowing Your Stage   
Andrew spoke about the importance of knowing your stage. He told us about some of the things he learned in Seminary and how that relates to what we learn and do in Toastmasters. The room in which we speak is a speaker itself and many times we forget this. He showed us ways in which we can utilize the entire stage area and understand how to best use our bodies in the space we have. 

Speaker # 3:  Rob Dalo
Manual/Project:  Competent Communicator/Project 9-Persuade with Power 
Title:  Who Knows, Just Wing It
Rob talked about his parent’s Christmas spirit and the vast amount of blank holiday cards his mother receives from organizations she supports. His mother asked if he could use the cards since she has so many. He told her – of course he could. Now he has all these cards and he asked attendees to address and write one of these cards to his mom. We’ll send them to her and mail bomb her for the holiday. He added that the bonus was how his father would react.  

General Evaluator: Elizabeth Landeen

Evaluator # 1:  Charlie Hubert (evaluating Hollie)
Evaluator # 2:  Tom Alvord (evaluating Andrew)
Evaluator # 3:  Sheetal Patel (evaluating Rob)
Functionary Reports:

Ah Counter:  Sheetal Patel

Grammarian:  Elizabeth Landeen

Timer:  Carmen Jenkins

In closing Crystal reminded everyone to start signing up for roles for future meetings.  She also acknowledged everyone for being flexible and stepping into roles at the last minute due to a number of agenda changes. 

Next meeting: December 17th2013.

Respectfully submitted by
Elizabeth Landeen, VPE

[posted by Hollie Rose CC]

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