Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Fall Contest was fun!

The other night - Tuesday September 17th, we had our Fall Contest here at Cromwell Community Toastmasters.

What a treat!

Here are the some of the club members being briefed about their roles for the evening -

Our test speaker for the Evaluation Contest was Ute Brinkmann from Eagle Toastmasters Club in Wallingford speaking about the value of money for her as juxtaposed by the value of it for "her two boys" in India.

      Here Ute (middle) chats with our two Evaluation Contestants Rob Dalo (left) and Tom Alvord (right)

As we know from past evaluations in our club, both Tom Alvord ACB, ALB and Rob Dalo are excellent at sharing their perspectives about a speech, while giving good feedback about ways to improve. That's a very hard thing to do - give feedback about ways to improve - when the speaker is as accomplished and polished as Ute is! Both evaluations were quite enjoyable.

After a break, where we all enjoyed some food brought in by Rob, we got moving on to our Humorous Speech Contest.

First up was one of our newer members Andrew Watt, contemplating what makes something funny.
Second was Phil Mason CC talking about life as a young teen boy. Jarts and BBs and Arrows - oh my!
Third contestant on the stage was Heather Turner ACS,
giving us giving us a look at some of the BMW drivers she encounters on her daily commute.

Contest Master Hollie Rose CC interviews Evaluation Contestants Rob Dalo and Tom Alvord ACB, ALB.

Participants in the Humorous Speech Contest (from left to right) Andrew Watt, Heather Turner ACS and Phil Mason CC.

Hollie Rose and Rob Dalo (First Place - Evaluation Contest)

Phil Mason and Hollie Rose

Andrew Watt (First Place - Humorous Speech Contest) and Hollie Rose

Congratulations to our winners. Soon we'll gather with the other clubs from Area 32 and we know you'll do us proud when you represent us at the next level of the contest!

Hearty Thanks go out to all who helped and participated in this Contest - contestants, timers, judges, ballot counters: we couldn't do this without you! And I'd like to especially thank Contest Chair Elizabeth Landeen, our VP Ed, who organized the whole thing and Chief Judge Crystal Storo CC, CL and President. 

Thank you as well to all our members - your commitment to the club and its members is appreciated and cherished.

[posted by Hollie Rose CC]

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