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September 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
 September 3, 2013

“Go Big or Go Home”

Attendees:  members attended: Bo Bogart, Robert Dalo, Cheryl Mason DTM, Phil Mason CC, Donald Ostertag, Hollie Rose CC, Molly Seely, Crystal Storo CC, CL, Brian Terry, Heather Turner ACS,   and Andrew Watt

Guests: Craig Bartoshevich, Mike Brillas, Seema Jindal, Eve Lai, and Catherine Rose

Business Meeting:  Phil Mason CC started the meeting on time.  President Crystal Storo CC, CL had our guests introduce themselves.  Crystal reminded us that 6 month dues of $42.00 are due by the end of September but could be brought to the next meeting (September 17th.)  Past president Rob Dalo presented Crystal with the 2012-2013 Distinguished Presidents’ Club Banner.

 Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster:  Donald Ostertag

Invocation:  - Hollie Rose CC was inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson and explained how a speech has the power to persuade, entertain and compel.

Word Master:  Bo Bogart
Word - of - the - Day:  hubris - noun – excessive pride or self confidence, arrogance -adj. - hubristic

Table Topics Master:  Heather Turner ACS
Theme: To create a short speech about the cover of a picture book.
Hollie Rose was the first to speak, choosing Where the Wild Things Are and describing some of the characters she’s known. Rob Dalo chose Ferdinand the Bull; he compared some of his customers to Ferdinand because they all sported nose rings.  Mike Brillas had a fascinating version of Two Cool Cows.  He spoke of social conditioning of groups, ostracism of those that are different, their discovery of a grass that made them both laugh and hungry.  Crystal’s pick, Mysterious Tadpole, led her to sharing that she loved anything to do with the water; she grew up near a lake and even went to an aqua culture school.  She even had a special water friend living in her bathtub until her mother realized it was real, not plastic.  Craig Bartoshevich told of different ways he likes to eat cheese.  He discussed how The Old Man Who Loved to Eat Cheese could be a future history of himself, it could be a good book for his future grandchildren to read to learn about their grandfather, because someday he’ll be an old man and he likes to eat cheese.  Eve Lai told us how she could relate to The Country Bunny as she felt overwhelmed and lost when in New York City for too long.

Prepared Speeches:

Speaker # 1:  Cheryl Mason DTM
Manual: Competent Communicator/Project 6 Vocal Variety
Title:  Crossroads
Cheryl told us she was given a choice that had far reaching consequences; her initial feelings about being given this choice; and how she utilized what she learned during her journey in Toastmasters to help reach a decision.

 Speaker # 2:   Molly Seely
Manual: Competent Communicator/Project 1 Ice Breaker
 Molly spoke of her upbringing and education embracing both analytical/logical and creative/abstract aspects.  Even though she has her dream job as a library media specialist she is going to see if there is something that makes her even happier.

Speaker # 3:  Andrew Watt
Manual/Project:  Competent Communicator/ Project 3 Get to the Point
Title: The Secrets of the Semigram
 While explaining drawing – the key to human knowledge, Andrew demonstrated by drawing a variety of relatively simple shapes.  He then demonstrated combining these basic shapes to create pictures which could be used as new way to communicate.  In addition to drawing and speaking, Andrew managed to use the word of the day.

General Evaluator: Rob Dalo
It was another great meeting and Rob had something positive to say about everyone that spoke, with kudos to Donald for stepping up and filling the Toastmaster role.

Evaluator # 1:  Andrew Watt

Evaluator # 2:  Phil Mason CC

Evaluator # 3:  Heather Turner ACS, CL

Functionary Reports:

Ah Counter:  Crystal Storo CC, CL
Crystal made the speakers aware of which filler words they favored.

Grammarian:  Robert Dalo

Timer:  Brian Terry

In closing Crystal gave Ice Breaker candies to Molly Seely. Congratulations Molly!  Crystal asked guests for their thoughts of the meeting.  Craig liked the way the grammarian report and introductions were done.  Eve liked the positive attitudes and all the positive reinforcement.  She signed up to become a member. A Warm Welcome Eve!  Seema wants to come a few more times and thought it very interesting.  Mike liked hearing people speak and liked the fact that there’s feedback. Crystal urged people to think of signing up now for the October 1st and October 15th meetings.  She reminded us there is a cheat sheet for anyone interested in being Toastmaster.

After the end of the meeting some people stayed to socialize.
Next meeting: September 17, 2013 **** Fall Speech Contest***

Respectfully submitted by
Bo Bogart, Secretary

[Posted by VPPR Hollie Rose]

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