Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meeting Minutes for March 3, 2012

What an excellent meeting led by our Toastmaster Sharon tonight! 
We started off with our word of the day…Galvanized.  Quite a few members used it.
Don gave a great invocation “never regret a day of your life…”
Bo led the Table Topics with the “three wishes” theme.  She had three out of four visitors participate…way to go BO!

Evan…3 activities he would do
Brian…Ideal job…furniture maker
Charlie…going to Hawaii with all of us
Cheryl…Going to the movies
Crystal …role model
Carolyn…. What to do with a bad day

We had four strong speakers.

Crystal…What makes me a leader!
Bill…Talked about his brother.
Heather…presentation about conflict resolution.
Hollie…speech about hemp.

Heather served as General Evaluator.

Charlie, Tom, Rob and Crystal gave feedback to the speakers.

Asha (yea!) served as AH counter…I won once again with 15!!!!

Carolyn served as grammarian and had something encouraging to say about everyone who spoke.

Don once again served as timer and gave a perfect report.

Heather spoke on behave of the club in giving Charlie thanks for all he does as Sergeant at Arms.  He was especially helpful, along with Tom, at setting up for Mondays joint meeting with Glastonbury.

Next meeting…March 19th.  CONTEST!!!  Please reach out to Crystal and get involved.  This is a total club effort.

Thanks to all for a Fantastic Club.

Rob (CCT President)

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