Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 5, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 5:30 p.m. and concluded at 7:10 p.m.


Members:  Tom Alvord, William Sullivan, Crystal Storo, Charlie Hubert, Louis Nizet, Murugan Pachaiyappan, Mary Talbot, Heather Turner, Charnaie Gordon, and new member Mano Rudravajhala.

Business Meeting

Louis Nizet recognized and presented Tom Alvord with a gift of his choice for finishing his CC

Tom Alvord, our new Cromwell Club President, thanked the club and new officers for their commitment to our club and expressed great enthusiasm in our upcoming year. 

Louis Nizet explained goals as VP of Memberships and challenged members to get friends, family, neighbors etc to attend meetings as guests. Louis also has a goal of 12 new members for the year (1 per month).

Heather Turner explained goals as VP of Public Relations and informed us of the recent setup of our Facebook fan page and Twitter. Heather is also working on several different avenues of marketing for our club.

Tom Alvord informed the club of next meeting, July 19th will be the installation of the new club officers done by our Area Governor.

Our newest member, Mano, read the mission statement of Toastmasters and as a club we all read the Toastmaster promise!

Meeting Roles

Toastmaster:                Heather Turner

Invocator:                    Crystal Storo

Word Master:               Charlie Hubert
ERRONEOUS – derived from error; mistaken

Table Topics Master:   Louis Nizet
                                    Theme:  Communication
                                    Participants:  Tom Alvord, Mano Rudravajhala, Crystal Storo

Speaker 1:                   William Sullivan, Successful Club Series
                                    Creating The Best Club Climate

Speaker 2:                   Murguan Pachaiyappan, CC Speech # 10 Inspire your audience
                                    Ten Steps to Improve Self Confidence

Speaker 3:                   Mary Talbot, CC Speech # 3 Get To the Point
                                    Be Aware, Befriend A Bee

Speaker 4:                   Charnaie Gordon, Advanced Manual, Humorously Speaking
Speech # 3 Make Them Laugh

General Evaluator:       Louis Nizet

Evaluator 1:                  Everyone
Evaluator 2:                  Charlie Hubert
Evaluator 3:                  Tom Alvord
Evaluator 4:                  Charlie Hubert

Timer:                          Charnaie Gordon
Ah Counter:                  Mary Talbot
Grammarian:                Crystal Storo


·         We had over 10 uses of the word of the day!

·         Everyone, including Table Topics speakers, Prepared Speakers, and Evaluators all were within time limits!!

Prepared by Crystal Storo, Club Secretary 7/12/2011

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