Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 5:30 p.m. and concluded at 7:00 p.m.


Members:  Tom Alvord, Robert Dalo, Akshay Dhote, Charlie Hubert, Joe Lenart, Cheryl Mason, Phil Mason, Louis Nizet Murugan Pachaiyappan, Mary Talbot, Heather Turner
Guest:  Mano (2nd meeting)

Business Meeting

Louis Nizet, Cromwell Club President, thanked everyone for the team effort that resulted in Cromwell achieving President’s Distinguished status this year! 

Tom Alvord mentioned the upcoming District 53 Club Officer TLI Training events.  The Manchester based TLI is this Saturday, June 25.  All members are welcome to attend in addition to club officers.  For more info:  http://www.district53toastmasters.org/

Cheryl Mason presented Heather Turner with a District 53 Award for completing 5 CC Speeches!  Heather received a letter and 1/2 CC Certificate signed by Lt. Gov. Education & Training, Richard Peck. 

Meeting Roles

Toastmaster:                Joe Lenart

Invocator:                     Louis Nizet

Word Master:                Mary Talbot
                                     TRANQUILITY – calmness, peacefulness, quiet

Table Topics Master:    Cheryl Mason
                                    Theme:  Reader’s Digest Magazine Topics
                                    Participants:  Rob Dalo, Mano, Akshay Dhote, Charlie Hubert, Louis Nizet

Speaker 1:                    Heather Turner, CC Speech # 7 Research Your Topic
                                    Tin Foil, History and Uses Over the Years

Speaker 2:                    Tom Alvord, CC Speech # 8 Get Comfortable With Visual Aids
                                    Even You Can Learn to Read Music

Speaker 3:                    Mary Talbot, CC Speech # 2 Organize Your Speech
                                    Peace &Tranquility

Speaker 4:                    Tom Alvord, Successful Club Series Module
Evaluate to Motivate

General Evaluator:       Murugan Pachaiyappan

Evaluator 1:                  Rob Dalo
Evaluator 2:                  Phil Mason
Evaluator 3:                  Cheryl Mason
Evaluator 4:                  Cheryl Mason (written evaluation only)

Timer:                          Akshay Dhote
Ah Counter:                  Charlie Hubert
Grammarian:                Rob Dalo


·         A number of “first-times” at tonight’s meeting!  Congratulations to all: 
Rob- first time giving a speech evaluation
Phil – first time giving a speech evaluation
Akshay – first time serving as timer
Murugan – first time serving as General Evaluation
·         Tom completed TWO educational awards tonight:  CC Competent Communicator & ALB Advanced Leader Bronze.  Tom completed an ACB in April which means he has earned a TRIPLE CROWN award (recognition by Toastmasters International for achieving 3 educational awards in one year)!  Congratulations. Tom! 
·         With Tom’s additional CC achievement tonight, Cromwell has earned the 9th Distinguished Club Program DCP point which achieves President’s Distinguished designation from Toastmasters International for the Cromwell Club!  Congratulations to all! 

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