Friday, September 10, 2010

September 7, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Cromwell Community Toastmasters: Club 5908
Meeting Minutes for 9/7/2010

Participants : Louis Nizet, Tom Alvord. Heather Turner, Phil Mason, Cheryl Mason, Sharon Roth, Praveen Nair, Todd Bower, Brian Conte, Mary Talbot, Joe Lenart, Murugan Pachaiyappan, Bill Sullivan

Meeting Roles

Toastmaster : Tom Alvord
Word Master : Heather Turner
Timer : Sharon Roth
Grammarian : Cheryl Mason
Ah Counter : Phil Mason
Table Topics Master : Joe Lenart

Speaker 1 : Todd Bower
Speaker 2 : Murugan Pachaiyappan
Speaker 3 : Tom Alvord
Speaker 4 : Bill Sullivan

General Evaluator : Praveen Nair

Evaluator 1 : Cheryl Mason
Evaluator 2 : Praveen Nair
Evaluator 3 : Louis Nizet
Evaluator 4 : Murugan Pachaiyappan

Business Portion

Our club President Louis Nizet started off the meeting by welcoming the club members and guests. He congratulated and thanked all the members for making the 25th anniversary meeting a huge success. A 25th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet is available for download in the “Public Download” section of our website. He also provided some details on upcoming meetings / events:

Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest (Club Level) : September 21, 2010

Education Portion

Word of the Day :
Segue - To continue at once with the next musical section or composition

Table Topics :

Our table topics master for the evening Joe Lenart had some interesting questions / topics.

Participants: Heather Turner, Brian Conte, Mary Talbot

Prepared Speeches & Evaluations

Speaker #1 : Todd Bower

Todd manages the Middletown office of TDBank and is one of our newest members. He gave his ice breaker speech from the competent communicator manual.

Speech Number : 1

Speech Length : 4 – 6 minutes

Manual : Competent Communicator

Objective : To get comfortable in front of an audience for first speech

Title : The Ice Breaker

Speaker #2 : Murugan Pachaiyappan

Murugan recently made his first trip back to India after becoming a US citizen. He walked us through the anxiety he and his family went through in making sure they had all the necessary paperwork to visit India.

Speech Number : 4

Speech Length : 5 – 7 minutes

Manual : Competent Communicator

Objective : Select the right words and sentence structure to communicate your ideas clearly, accurately and vividly

Title : One time pain worth a million

Speaker #3 : Tom Alvord

Last week with Labor Day coming up Tom got thinking about work and how it is often thought of negatively. He gave a speech on how he discovered that work can be pleasant

Title : The joy of work

Speaker #4 : Bill Sullivan

Bill has been a parent for 5 years and has done his best to raise his children. He has often reflected on his own childhood and the manner in which his parents raised him as a guide to better parenting. Bill is working from speech project number 2 in the advanced manual Humorously Speaking. The project is called "Leave Them With a Smile".

Speech Number : 2

Speech Length : 5 – 7 minutes

Manual : Humorously Speaking

Objective : Prepare a serious speech that opens and closes with humorous story

Title : The two rules of parenting

Evaluations :

The General evaluator for the evening Praveen Nair guided us through the evaluation portion of the meeting

Cheryl Mason, Praveen Nair, Louis Nizet and Murugan Pachaiyappan provided a very detailed and effective evaluation for the speeches

The Timekeeper (Sharon Roth), Word Master (Mary Talbot). Ah – Counter (Phil Mason) and Grammarian (Cheryl Mason) also reviewed their reports for the meeting.

Conclusion :

The Toastmaster for the evening Tom Alvord and club President Louis Nizet thanked all the members and guests for their participation and also reminded everyone that our next meeting on September 21st is the club speech contest meeting.

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