Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 17, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Cromwell Community Toastmasters: Club 5908

25th Anniversary Meeting

Meeting Minutes for 8/17/2010

Thank you to all the member and guest for making our 25th anniversary meeting fun filled and a memorable one. We had great participation in all sections of the meeting.

Participants : Louis Nizet, Cheryl Mason, Phillip Mason, Bill Sullivan, Praveen Nair, Joseph Lenart, Ethel Peltz, Udaya Neelam, Brian Fleming, Sandra Bassett

Visiting Toastmasters : Brian Cavanaugh, Joseph Katucki, Michael Aaron, Deb Grehn, Kay Jeyapalan,

Sharon Roth, Ute Brinkmann, Rose Scruto-Zolnik, Charnaie Gordon.

Guests : Brian Cote, Heather Turner, Brian Dibella, Mary Talbot, Jane Tinti, Theo Gomes,

David Adametz, Angie Ondrick, Charlie Mongoho, Angela Caponetto, Shawn M. Mcdade
Meeting Roles

Toastmaster : Cheryl Mason

Word Master : Kay Jeyapalan

Timer : Philip Mason

Grammarian : Joe Lenart

Ah Counter : Brian Fleming

Table Topics Master : Praveen Nair

Speaker 1 : Brian Cavanaugh

Speaker 2 : Michael Aaron

Speaker 3 : Deb Grehn

Speaker 4 : Joe Lenart

General Evaluator : Ute Brinkmann

Evaluator 1 : Bill Sullivan

Evaluator 2 : Udaya Neelam

Evaluator 3 : Charnaie Gordon

Evaluator 4 : Sharon Roth

Business Portion

Our club President Louis Nizet started off the meeting by welcoming the club members and guests. He thanked all the members for working together to plan and setup the 25th anniversary meeting. He also provided some details on upcoming meetings / events:

Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest (Club Level) : September 21, 2010

Party / Social announcement by Louis Nizet

“Bring and Barbecue" party at my place on Saturday August 28-10, beginning at around 5pm and going on as late as participants will want. We'll have hot coal, from real wood, ready to cook the food from about 6pm onward. All members welcome with wife, husband, children, friends and guests. Weather permitting, for those interested, we can take a short walk through the forest to the secluded "Turkey Hill" reservoir, an unspoiled nature jewel in the area. Elize and I will appreciate it if those interested will let us know by no later than August 24th, so that we can send a map and directions how to get there to all participants.”
Education Portion

Word of the Day : Coup

A highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever action or accomplishment.

Table Topics :

The impromptu portion of the meeting was very interesting and thanks to our guests for agreeing to participate. Joseph Katucki, Brian Cote, Brian Dibella, Brian Fleming, William Sullivan, Sandra Bassett.

Prepared Speeches & Evaluations

We had a wonderful set of established and polished speakers and evaluators who kept us all engrossed with their speeches and evaluations.
Speaker #1 : Brian Cavanaugh

Brian Cavanaugh is the Area D-5 Governor and past President of Sikorsky DCMA Toastmasters club – A Presidents Distinguished Club. Brian has been a Toastmaster since 1983 and is dedicated to helping Toastmasters become more effective communicators and leaders.

Speech Number : 10

Speech Length : 8 – 10 minutes

Manual : Competent Communicator

Objective : Inspire Your Audience

Title : There is a Light

Speaker #2 : Michael Aaron

Michael Aaron has been a Toastmaster since July 2000. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, which is the highest designations a Toastmaster can receive. He has served in various club officer positions. At the District level, he has server as a club coach, club mentor, Area B3 Governor and Division B Governor. Michael is also a producer of his own TV show called “Toast of the Town” in West Hartford Community Television. In November of 2009, Michael won first place in the District 53 Humorous speech contest and in May of 2010 he took second place in the District 53 Tall Tales speech contest.

Speech Number : 5

Speech Length : 5 – 7 minutes

Manual : Competent Communicator

Objective : Your Body Speaks

Title : Half Full or Half Empty
Speaker #3 : Deb Grehn

Deb Grehn is a member of two clubs in District 53 – Charter Oak Toastmasters in Glastonbury and the West Hartford Toastmasters. She served as District Governor from 1999 – 2000 and will serve as Area B4 Governor in 2010 – 2011. Deb is an established speaker and also appeared on the TV show “Jeopardy” in 2009.

Speech Number : 2

Speech Length : 8 – 10 minutes

Manual : Competent Communicator

Objective : Inspire Your Audience

Title : Take the First Step

Speaker #4 : Joe Lenart

Joe Lenart joined our club in June of 1999. Joe is a regular participant at contests and always provides wonderful insights on different topics during his speeches. He is currently serving as the 2010-2011 VP – Education

Speech Number : 1

Speech Length : 5 – 7 minutes

Manual : Speaking to Inform

Objective : Resources for Informing

Title : The Other Free Radicals – Not a Political Commentary
Evaluations :

Ute Brinkmann, our General Evaluator guided us through a very well organized evaluation portion of the meeting. She also provided insightful tips on how to deliver a meaningful and effective evaluation.

William Sullivan, Udaya Neelam, Charnaie Gordon and Sharon Roth provided a very thoughtful and positive evaluation for the four speeches of the evening.

The Timekeeper (Phillip Mason), Word Master (Kay Jeyapalan). Ah – Counter (Brian Fleming) and Grammarian (Joe Lenart) also reviewed their reports for the meeting.
Conclusion :

The Toastmaster for the evening Cheryl Mason and club President Louis Nizet thanked all the members and guests for their participation and help in making this a wonderful and exciting meeting. Members and guests spent some time socializing while enjoying the refreshments.

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