Monday, June 20, 2016

Meeting Minutes 6-7-16

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
Tues June 7, 2016

Attendees:    Crystal Storo, Hollie Rose, Don Ostertag, Danielle Payne, Phil Mason, Winston Phillip, Laura King, Sheetal Patel

: Syed, Matt, Sarita

Business Meeting

Welcome Syed, Matt and Sarita.

We will have elections tonight.
June 21, 2016 is new officer inductions

Toastmaster Sheetal Patel

Invocation Hollie Rose

New Year’s quote. We will be starting a new year with our new officers.

Table Topics Phil Mason
Questions about summer

Your First Car
1:38 Danielle – My first car was a Ford Contour. It was an older car but it was going ok until the macpherson strut broke while I was coming out of the driveway. The macpherson strut was the large spring that help the left side of my car above the wheel. We had to struggle to get the car back into the garage and I traded it in for a Toyota.

55 MPH in the Fast Lane
Time Unknown Don – I must be a senior citizen. I used to get on people’s bumpers. Now I take it slow. I guess it’s because I have more time on my hands.

Favorite Childhood Travel Memory
2:16 Crystal – I went to a beautiful island off Venezuela that was gorgeous without many tourists. There were also beautiful white beaches. The people who lived there did not have much money but they were happy. You have to be grateful for what you have.

Revisiting a Favorite Vacation Spot
1:32 Laura – My favorite place is in south France. We went backpacking in Europe. We also walked in the city of one of the Roman Popes. It was beautiful and the people were nice. It was easy to travel there.

The Farthest You Have Traveled
1:08 Matt – The farthest I have been is when I went to San Juan in my junior year of high school. We took a small plane to the US Virgin Islands. It was the last vacation before my sisters went to college. I was only 16 but I was able to drink and gamble.

A Vacation that Turned Out Different Than Expected
2:07 Syed – I come from Pakistan and there is not much travel there. I have been in the US for 33 years. I went back to Dubi because I have family there. The area had changed from a sleepy small town to having the tallest buildings and fastest cars.  Oil and trade changed the country.

Travel Secret
0:36 Sarita – I don’t travel much but when I do I always think about what the kids would need, especially things like food.

Plans You Would Like to Share
1:53 Winston – I was planning to go out of the US to visit family but my kids’ passports had expired. I have four girls and people just let us go ahead of them in line because I’m the dad.

Speaker # 1:  Danielle Payne:  3:26
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator / Get to the Point
Title: Why I Should Be VPE

I am running for Vice President of Education and I have the experience necessary. I have been secretary to ToastMasaters for the past year. Additionally I was treasurer of the Actuary Club in college. The role that has prepared me the most was being president of my college dorm. I helped organize “Pizza Wars.” We gave out samples of pizza from local places as well as chains and the students voted for their favorites. If I can do Pizza Wars I can be VPE.

Speaker # 2:  Winston Phillip: 5:52
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator / Organize Your Speech
Title: Beers and Cigarettes

Growing up I looked forward to Fridays, pay day for my dad. My dad gave my brother and I each a cigarette and a beer. He said, “Tonight you are men.” I was young and coughing from the cigarette. I thought the beer tasted like bad soda.

My father became my grandmother’s caretaker. He couldn’t go to school even though he did well on the test. My father left the country to go to Tobago at age 23. The night he completed his first house was the night he gave us the beer and cigarettes.  Since then he has become the manager of a resort. It’s easy for people to judge but hard for them to understand what you are going through.

Evaluator # 1: Crystal Storo 3:44

I liked your story of the Pizza Wars. “If you can do Pizza Wars you can be VPE.” You also were able to weave humor into your speech. I also liked your gestures. It was a little hard to follow. Next time slow down and pause more to let the audience take in the jokes.

Evaluator # 2:  Sheetal Patel 2:48

Fantastic and well organized. You were able to engage the audience with a question and had expressive body language. You should be a contestant in our next contest. You showed concern with your body. Try to keep more eye contact.

Elections: Hollie Rose

Current nominations are:
President- Sheetal Patel
Vice-president of Education- Danielle Payne
Vice-president of Membership- Winston Phillip
Vice-president of Public Relations- Heather Turner
Secretary- Laura King
Treasurer- Andrew Watt
Sargent at Arms- Phil Mason
Immediate Past President- Hollie Rose

All of the officers listed above were voted in. Congratulations to all!

Officials’ Reports:

WordMaster: Crystal Storo

Kerfuffle- Commotion or fuss especially in a conflicting way

Hollie Rose – 1
Sheetal Patel – 1

Timer:  Donald Ostertag

Times given, See above.

Ah Counter: Laura King

Danielle Payne – ahs, ums
Donald Ostertag - 0
Crystal Storo – 1 ah, 5 likes
Matt – ums, 5 ands
Syed – ahs , ums
Sarita – ahs, ums
Winston –  6 ands, ums 

Grammarian:  Matt

Donald Ostertag – Being old is valuing time.
Crystal Storo – People can be happy and grateful without money.
Winston Phillip – You can’t see what someone is going through.

General Evaluator: Crystal Storo

We didn’t start on time but that’s ok. Business was short and sweet. Elections went well.

Table Topics
Phil Mason – Nice job on table topics. You had good questions and a good selection of people.
Danielle Payne- I liked your humor. Next time try to use the word of the day.
Donald Ostertag- Good dry humor about being a senior citizen.
Laura King- I could picture a frame and you looking at us.
Matt- Nice Table Topics speech, Next time you could wrap it up by referring back to the question.
Syed – Good intro and body language.
Sarita – Great job coming up. Congrats.
Winston – You had your hands behind your back at first.

Sheetal Patel – It was your second time being Toast Master. Keep practicing. It went smooth.

Hollie Rose – Nice job explaining ToastMasters to our guests. Maybe we should have a blurb for missing members.  I like how you gave out the Club Leadership Handbooks at the end of elections.

Sheetal Patel (evaluations) – I like how you referred to past and current events. Also you encouraged Winston to compete and demonstrated good eye contact.

Laura King – You gave reasons why people may use crutch words.
Matt – You used your hands when speaking
Donald Ostertag – Work on learning people’s names.

Closing: Hollie Rose

Tonight is Don’s last meeting because he will be moving west.

Don “Thank you for all your help. My daughter came before me and it has helped me a lot. I hope to find a ToastMasters club out west as good as this one.”

We have earned Distinguished Club and are one point away from Presidents Distinguished Club. We need one more CC or one more new member,

Thank you for a great meeting. Congratulations to the new officers.

Next meeting: June 21, 2016

Respectfully submitted by
Danielle Payne, Secretary

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