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Meeting Minutes 5-19-2015

Catching up on posting our meeting minutes.

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
Tues, May 19 2015

Attendees:    Don Ostertag, Andrew Watt, Jen Bourne, Heather Turner, Phil Mason, Bill Sullivan, Charlie Hubert, Crystal Storo, Danielle Payne, Jon Ansel, Tom Alvord, Sheetal Patel, Hollie Rose

Guests:  Peter, Darwin

Business Meeting
Sgt at Arms called the meeting to order.   Looks to be a great meeting, all roles are filled and we have a guest tonight.    VPE Bill Sullivan went over the club’s progress towards our president’s distinguished goals.   Crystal (Area Governor) Incoming officer team, has been nominated - President.: Hollie - VPE: Andrew - VPM: Don - VPPR: Jen - Treasurer: Brian - Secretary: Danielle  Sgt at Arms: Charlie   Voting most likely at the next meeting and then invocation for new officers.   Incoming folks should prepare why they should take on the role.    Crystal has been elected new Division B Governor!   Heather would like to give us a report on last weekend’s district conference.     Richard Peck (Regional Director for Region 9) lead the meeting.   3 sessions: Motivational session was very well attended.   And Crystal appears to have a following as the audience was pleased when her candidacy for a district office was announced.

Toastmaster Andrew Watt

Invocation Crystal Storo 
Stumbled upon this quote  "The truth is our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers." M. Scott Peck

Table Topics Crystal Storo
Facilitated Session:  Problem Solving – Increasing New Members

bad winter
visitor follow up
slow start to visitor year
lack of apparent diversity
new members goals
low under 35 membership
packages for guests
good meetings
facebook /social media / google + / targeted geographic marketing

district go-to webinars: upcoming
personal connection
networking with friends

email signatures
with TM stuff – listing benefits of joining toastmasters

email meeting minutes to guests
backup secretary to ensure minutes go out.

3x5 card for guest to fill out for info for follow-up

leadership, mentorship, speaking benefits.

Leadership series presentations

talking to guests after the meeting

postcard sent with personalized message  (postal mail for Toastmasters)

multi-prong media strategy – text people
video tape meetings new speaker-evaluator and experienced speaker-evaluator pair

track guests to member conversion metrics.

Speaker # 1:  Jen Bourne 8:02
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator, #5
Title: Map of the Year
Jen talked about the changing sunrise sunset times across the course of a year, how the sun is in a different place in the sky at the same time of day, essentially drawing a figure 8 over the course of the year, and how she believes and lives 8 distinct emotional-motivational states that she likes to think of as the 8 seasons.

Speaker # 2:  Don Ostertag 11:20
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator #10
Title: Feeling good within yourself
Here to tell new members about the different programs our veteran chapter has to offer.   The first is the Hartford parade (we can have 40-50 members at the parade). About 1.5 mile and 1.5 hours to complete.  Next is our toys for tots programs, we drop off at about 70 locations and then pick up the full boxes of toys, we sort the toys by age a gender, and then we distribute them to organizations that can use them.   We also have the Rocky Hill Veterans home and run Bingo there once a month.    Usually there are 20-30 patients who attend the Bingo, usually attend in walkers or wheelchairs – we give then $5 per Bingo they get that they can use in the hospital store.   They thank us for being at the Bingo, and we thank them for their service to the country.   At our wake detail, all our members come in the blazer and cap – often we have 20 members at a service.   We have a chaplain, we face the casket and salute - after the Chaplin is done with the prayer we have another salute and we play the Marine Corps theme (CD) at the end of a service many people feel it is wonderful that we were there to comfort the family.  At the cemetery we have a rifle detail, sometimes there is also a detail of active duty Marines.  Together we run the flag folding and the rifle firing.   On your way home you start to think how nice it was to give a fellow marine the honor of a proper burial. 

Speaker # 3:  Sheetal Patel  8:13
Manual/Project: Competent Communicator #10
Title: Be confident and ignorant forever
Mark Twain: “To succeed in life be ignorant and be confident”.   Ignorance I had, I needed to get confidence and so I joined Toastmaster.  I was attending a traditional Indian wedding and the host asked me if I minded anchoring the musical portion festivities.    “You just have to speak for 5 minutes before every dance”  “How many dances?”  “About 12-15”.     I was expecting a script and he gave me a list of songs.    That’s when I took out my CC manual and started assigning functionalities.   A timer, and a person to make sure the right song was played, and a person to advise me on the current Bollywood songs.   The theme of all of my speeches was arranged around the process of having an arranged marriage.   I used eye contact, humor, vocal variety, and everything I've learned here.   Every person in the audience came up to congratulate me on what a good job I did.   And at that time, I remembered each and every one of you.    This is my 10th speech – and it’s not the destination, its every step of the journey.  Stay hungry, stay ignorant, and become confident by coming here.

Speaker # 4:  Heather Turner  9:18
Title: How to attract Millennials to our club
There is surprisingly little tangible info out there on how to attract Millennials (anyone under 35).   At TM  ¼ of our members are under 35.   In 10 years they should be ½ of our membership if all things go right.    4 key things that we can focus on. 
  1. Clubs / Orgs / Business getting involved in causes.   A lot of clubs around the country are getting involved in causes – food pantry,
  2. Looking for Mentors.   Mentors are very important to them – looking for long terms mentors.  Beef up our mentoring program.   Not assigning – let the person select their mentor.
  3. Goal related. Everyone works at their own pace.  If you don’t want to be motivated, you don’t have to.   Younger generation wants the goal and wants the carrot. 
  4. Not the me” generation” the “us” generation.   Sure they want wealth, fame, and money, but they also want world peace.
The TM website is mobile friendly, our website is not.   Heather will work with our new VPPR to institute the workaround.   The younger generation do almost all of their web searching on mobile devices.  Look at our website on a mobile device.   One of the key websites they access is youtube.   “help with fear of public speaking”  will get found on youtube.
Evaluator # 1:  Tom Alvord
Jen has so many natural attributes that serve well for this speech, a great smile, and eyes that connect with people well.  When she was talking about the first week of Oct. she really made it clear that she turns inward with the “mole” body language.     She memorized the first part and last part of her speech also a helpful tactic.  This speech could have been made better my keeping it a little more simple.  Moved abruptly from good opening to too much detail. 

Evaluator # 2:    Phil Mason
I want to congratulate Don on speech #10.   We have another competent communicator.   You were very prepared, knew material very well.  The biggest thing I saw was your confidence.   You knew what you needed to know.   If would have been good to know dates around the time of year that each of these programs is available to league members.   You involved your speech title in the feeling of the last part of your speech.  Excellent job.

Evaluator # 3:    Bill Sullivan
Sheetal, why did it take so long?   She’s been here for 3 years and showed us how she changed by coming up and mumbling then going off the stage and restarting the speech.   As a club we remember her hesitance and now her confidence is clear, and that’s when your brain fills in with good positive energy, thoughts, and clear confidence.    Your pause toward the end “it is not the destination” was really excellent.     Improvements, do some dancing, talk more about Indian culture.  You brought it all together; every speech is different, don’t stay home, get out there and sign up for more speeches. 

Evaluator # 4  Round Robin
Crystal: some other clubs “select a buddy” in their group who remains their mentor for their time in the club.    Maybe both a buddy who started the same time you did and a mentor who you can go to for advice.
Have non-officers run community outreach committee activities
Bill:  Theme meetings, first job, how to get a promotion (speeches on the topics)
Andrew:  Multi-media approach.   34 guests to 3 members – what is our follow-up?
Officials’ Reports:

WordMaster: <Toastmaster>  Affinity  a spontaneous or natural liking for someone or something.    4 uses

Timer:  Danielle Payne  times given, see above

Grammarian:  Jon Ansel  That weekend the universe kicked my ass.   Ignorance I have plenty of but confidence.

Ah Counter:  Charlie Hubert none in T T, bill, Heather, Danielle, Don, Hollie.   Had: Crystal 3, Jon 2, Andrew 1  Speakers:  Jen 3 Sheetal 1 Heather 1

General Evaluator: Heather Turner
Guest: Looks like a supportive group – liked how everyone applauds after someone speaks. 

In closing:  
We always have enough time for certificates.   Competent Communicator was presented to Don and Sheetal!

Next meeting: June 2, 2014

Respectfully submitted by
Jennifer Bourne, Secretary

[Posted by Hollie Rose CC, CL]

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