Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Two CCs in one night!

Phil Mason, Sheetal Patel, Bill Sullivan, Donald Ostertag, Crystal Storo
Two of our longtime members earned their CCs in on night last night!

Congratulations to Donald Ostertag and Sheetal Patel.

We had a great meeting last night, filled with a great creative thinking session led by our member (and Area Governor) Crystal Storo, Two (count 'em two!) 10th speeches that were educational and inspiring, and an seminar type speech with some power packed ideas for Toastmaster Clubs everywhere. If you ever get a chance to attend a workshop or session with Heather Turner - don't miss it!

All in all a great meeting.

Next month - elections and even warmer weather!

Hope you'll come visit as we enjoy warm air and open windows - come see us and see your own potential.

I had to share this face of pure delight on Don as he got ahold of that CC....

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