Thursday, August 14, 2014

Upcoming Meeting: 19 August 2014

We're having our next meeting on August 19, 2014, in our usual place:

Cromwell Town Hall, 41 West Street, 
 2nd Floor (follow the signs), Cromwell, CT  
Toastmaster Club 5908 ~ District 53, Area C-32 
First & Third Tuesdays Each Month, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
If you're a guest, we'd love to have you stop by! It looks like we're going to have a full slate of members' prepared speeches, and it should be an entertaining evening.

What you'll find is that this meeting follows a pretty standard format:

  • We'll have an opening invocation, followed by a "word of the day"
  • There will be a short business meeting
  • The meeting functionaries will be introduced: Ah-Counter, Timer, and Grammarian
  • The Topicsmaster for the evening will present a series of subjects for timed but unplanned speeches.  
  • The Toastmaster for the evening will then present our formal, prepared speakers one at a time.
  • The General Evaluator will introduce and mediate a series of evaluators, who will comment on each of the prepared speeches.
  • The General Evaluator will call on each of the meeting functionaries to give a brief report on their observations during the meeting
  • We'll close the meeting, with a brief bit of social conversation afterward, and give our guests a chance to talk with our membership.
If you're a member, please be aware that the Free Toast Host 2.0 site which hosts our agendas was experiencing technical difficulties earlier this week. If you signed up for a role, please confirm that you are still signed up for that role; if you haven't signed up for a role yet, please do so.

Most of all, please remember to Bring Your Manuals.  As our Vice President of Education (VPE) Bill Sullivan says, "Never speak for free." You're here to improve your skills, as a listener, as an evaluator, as a speaker.  Bring the manuals so that you can be evaluated on your work, and learn to make progress — toward your goals.  

See you Tuesday!

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