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Hot fun in the summertime - meeting minutes July 16th 2013

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
July 16, 2013
Attendees:  Nine members attended: Linda Campbell, Cheryl Mason, Phil Mason, Sheetal Patel, Hollie Rose, Crystal Storo, Brian Terry, Heather Turner, Carolyn Warner
Guest: Molly Sealy
Business Meeting:
The meeting was called to order by Acting Sergeant at Arms, Phil Mason. Crystal Storo discussed new business: 2013-2014 Member Goals ( CC and CL charts were provided), August 6th Meeting ( Guest Speaker will be Jerry Aiyathuri, CCAP District 53 winner of the International Speech Contest who will be competing in the World Championship of Public Speaking. At our next meeting he will be giving us a chance to hear his Semi Final speech.), Fall Speech Contest September 17 (Crystal encouraged us to sign up for roles of: Contest Chair, Toastmaster, and Chief Judge and mentioned that we can get credit in the CL manuals for 'Developing Your Facilitation Skills' and 'Teambuilding'.)
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Carolyn Warner
Invocation: Carolyn Warner: Carolyn cited the words of Dale Carnegie, "There are always three speeches for the one you actually gave: the one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave."
Word Master: Phil Mason, CC
Word - of - the - Day: Venality - noun - A condition of being susceptible to bribery or corruption.  A an example of the usage: The venality of a corrupt judge....
Table Topics Master: Heather Turner, ACS CL
 Theme: Think on your feet
1. Crystal Storo:   With ten minutes warning, what do you have available to survive a Class 5 hurricane?  Crystal said she is a survivalist and that her mom had introduced her to being prepared. She described her amazing survival kit that is always kept in her car.
2. Phil Mason: If you're in your usual supermarket shopping for groceries when the zombie apocalypse struck, what would you grab from the supermarket? Phil said he'd grab a frozen ham, bag of potatoes, hardware, a spatula, frying pans, cleaver, some automotive lubricant or a lighter to fend off the attack, frozen pizzas for a pizza party, or maybe alcohol to help him trick himself into oblivion to the zombie apocalypse.
3. Hollie Rose: What do you keep in your car right now that would help you if your car died in the middle of the Nevada desert? Holly said that she could subsist on her many half bottles of water that she's collected in her backseat of her Suburu Forester as well as use a blanket to drape over her car as a means to create shade. She further told us about a trip she had taken through the desert in the 80s in her Chevy van with her cat.
4. Sharon Roth: If aliens take over the minds and bodies of people and made them immune to pain, how would you know your best friend hasn't been taken over? Sharon said her best friend is her sister who lives on a ranch in MA and has horses. She would see if her sister had been taken over by aliens, and therefore immune to pain, by sticking her in the arm with a pin. 
5. Cheryl Mason: If you could talk to your dog for five minutes, what would you ask?  Cheryl told us about her two pet dogs, Abby and Ginger, and would ask them  " Are we feeding you enough?" and "What do you think of the family you have?" and additionally said it would be nice to have them tell us more about what they think.
6. Sheetal Patel: If a man came into your office demanding money, what would you do? Sheetal said she would first offer him water and then hit him on the head with a stapler. She further mentioned it is OK to ask for money but not to steal money.
Prepared Speeches:
Speaker # 1: Linda Campbell
Manual/Project: Competent Communication/Project 7, Research Your Topic
Title: Walk!
Speaker # 2: Sheetal Patel
Manual/Project: Competent Communication/Project 4, How to Say It
Title: Caste System in India
Speaker # 3: Cheryl Mason, DTM
Manual/Project: Competent Communication/Project 2, Organize Your Speech
Title: The Travel Challenge
General Evaluator: Phil Mason, CC
Phil commented that although the attendance was a little low due to the heat and vacations, it was a great meeting nontheless. He congratulated Carolyn for taking on the role of Toastmaster for the first time complimented her on how comfortable she was and how prepared, clear.and consistent were the agendas, speech objectives and introductions He reminded us to think about Charlie who is under the weather.  
Evaluator # 1: Crystal Storo, CC CL
Evaluator # 2: Hollie Rose
Evaluator # 3: Sharon Roth, ACGT ALB
Functionary Reports:
Ah Counter: Cherly Mason, DTM
Grammarian: Heather Turner, ACS CL
Timer: Brian Terry
At the close Crystal said it had been a fantastic meeting, complimented Carolyn for her great job as Toastmaster Phil for his excellent feedback. She asked guest Molly Sealy to express her thoughts about the meeting tonight. Molly had been working on graduate work at the town library next door and on her drive out happened to spot our Toastmaster signs ( thanks Phil!) and turned her car around in order to join us. She gave a short speech describing a bit about her background and her interest in Toastmasters and ended the inspiring words: "Here's to getting out of our comfort zone and making the time and place". She intends to join Cromwell Community Toastmasters.
Crystal reminded us that the next meeting will be held on August 6th and cordially welcomed us to stay for a social get-together after tonight's meeting.
***If anyone would like to send our friend, fellow Toastmaster, and accomplished Sergeant at Arms, Charlie Hubert a get well card, I know he would so greatly appreciate it. Tom advised it best to send our cards to Charlie's home address, rather than his email address, for the time being. According to Tom, Charlie will likely be away from Toastmasters for a few months. I will send out Charlie's address to members as soon as I receive it from Tom. We sure miss him!
Next meeting: August 6, 2013
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Secretary ( filling in for Bo Bogart)

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