Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cromwell Community Toastmasters Meeting Minutes 10/16/12

Cromwell Community Toastmasters
Club 5908 ~ District 53
October 16, 2012
Members: Twelve members attended: Amy Ansah, Karen Breton, Linda Campbell, Rob Dalo, Charlie Hubert, Elizabeth Landeen, Louis Nizet, Donald Ostertag, Sheetal Patel, Sharon Roth, Crystal Storo, Heather Turner
Business Meeting: Rob welcomed us to another great meeting. He informed us that three of the four winners in the latest contest came from Cromwell Community Toastmasters: William Sullivan 1st place, Sharon Roth 2nd place (Evaluations), Amy Ansah (Humorous Speech). Rob encouraged us to support our club's contestants at the next level contest to be held on Oct. 23rd at 6:30 in Northeast Utilities. He mentioned that Sharon had printed up/emailed Evaluation forms for us and Heather donated a Public Relations book. Crystal further noted that we have several books/manuals available for borrowing ( see Rob or Crystal). Crystal also updated our DCP Chart and Heather mentioned that we are ahead of the other three clubs.
Meeting Roles:
Sergeant at Arms: Charlie Hubert
Toastmaster: Elizabeth Landeen
Invocation: Heather Turner, ACB reminded us that leaders are made rather than born.
Word Master: Linda Campbell Word-of-the-Day: Lionize - Verb - Meaning: to treat as a celebrity
Table Topics Master: Crystal Storo, CL
Theme: National Boss's Day
Rob: Treat your employees as you would your favorite customers.
Don: Enjoys working for brother-in-law, makes the job fun.
Karen: Evolving job transition
Amy: Inspirational speaker/helping people get healthy
Charlie: Network marketing/working together to help each other
Speaker # 1: Amy Ansah, CC
Manual: Competent Communicator
Project: Inspire Your Audience
Title: The Book and the Raw Egg (5-7 min.)
Speaker # 2: Donald Ostertag
Manual: Competent Communicator
Project: #1 Icebreaker (4-6 min.)
Title: Once a Marine, Always a Marine
Speaker # 3: Sheetal Patel
Manual: Competent Communicator
Project: #1 (4-6 min.)
Title: Who Am I?
Speaker #4: Heather Turner, ACB
Manual: Technical Presentations
Project: #4, Presenting a Technical Paper (10-12 min.)
Title: The Importance of Good Phone Skills
General Evaluator: Rob Dalo
Rob explained the role of General Evaluator and introduced tonight's speech evaluators and technicians.
Evaluator # 1: Heather Turner, ACB
Evaluator # 2: Sharon Roth, ACS ALB
Evaluator # 3: Louis Nizet, CC
Evaluator # 4: Charlie Hubert
Grammarian: Linda Campbell
Ah Counter: Crystal Storo
Timer: Karen Brenton
At the close of the meeting Rob announced that the next contest will be held on October 23rd at Northeast Utilities beginning at 6:30 pm and encouraged us to come and support our club. Rob thanked Elizabeth for her wonderful job as Toastmaster, complimenting her on the excellent preparation and organizing of tonight's meeting as well as making last minute adjustments to the agenda. He further thanked Charlie for his hard work both before and after the meeting getting tables set up, providing water, place cards, posters, banners and much more. Donald and Sheetal were recognized for competing their Icebreaker Speeches tonight and a picture was taken. Rob reminded us that this is a fabulous club!!
Next meeting: November 6, 2012
Respectfully submitted by
Linda Campbell, Co-Secretary

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