Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Attendees: Tom Alvord, Amy Ansah, Rob Dalo, Charlie Hubert, Elizabeth Landeen, Phil Mason, Donald Ostertag, Mano Rudravajhala, Sharon Roth, Bill Sullivan, Heather Turner 
Guest: Sheedal Patel

Business: Mano talked about the Contests on September 18th; the Humorous and Evaluation Contests and asked everyone to contact him to let him know which role they would like to take: Contestant, Judge, Ballot Counter or Timer. Heather volunteered to be the Chief Judge.

Toastmaster Heather  performed her role with efficacy. Phil offered an invocation based on Babe Ruth's quote: “Never let the fear of striking out get in the way.

Heather gave us the word of the day: Aplomb, meaning self-confidence, poise, assurance.

Topics Master  Bill used a Table Topics card box and called on Louis, Charlie, Sheedal and Donald to present 1-2 minute extemporaneous speeches.

Rob presented Project #4,  “How To Say It,” with the title: “What I Did This Summer,”  during which he showed a PowerPoint presentation with fabulous photos. Tom evaluated Rob's speech, praising him for his colorful descriptions, confidence and keeping our interest.

Elizabeth presented Project #2, Organize Your Speech,” titled “My Boots and I,” describing her many travels, including excellent visual aids.  Sharon evaluated her speech, complimenting her on her presentation, organization, introduction, transitions, opening and reaching all goals of the project.  

Amy gave Project #4, “How to Say It,” entitled, “The Gift of Today,” in which she effectively reminded us that each day is a present. Charlie evaluated her speech with positive comments about her organization, body language, word selection, message and tempo.

Tom gave a speech entitled, “What You Don't See,” in which he talked about financial aspects of public expenditures. Bill evaluated his speech noting his effective visual aid, message and preparation.

Phil, who effectively performed the role of Timer, gave his report. Heather reported that Rob, Tom, Bill and Sharon used the word of the day, “Aplomb.” Tom also presented the Grammarian report showing excellent listening skills.  Donald gave the Ah Counter report letting each speaker know the number of filler words he/she used. 

Mano gave the General Evaluation of the meeting, noting that even though the group was small, it was an excellent, entertaining and exciting meeting. He added that he will wake up every 1st and 3rd Tuesday thinking that Cromwell   Community Toastmasters is a Gift.

Sheedal Patel remarked that she enjoyed the meeting and will come back.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Roth September 4, 2012

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