Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Area 34 Spring Contests were held this evening April 11, 2012 at 7:00.

They were held in a very nice room called the auditorium at Northeast Utilities in Berlin.  

There were seven contestants from four clubs.

Three Tall Tales and Four International contestants

Cedar Hill (Newington)
Central CT Advanced Toastmaters
NorthEast Utilities Toastmasters
(They announced two places in each contest):

1st place - Kevin Finn - gave a speech about "Dave", an man who is confined to a wheel chair.  He gave part of this speech at a Middlesex open house - maybe the one with Walter Beveridge?
2nd place - Nathan Jaycox - a very well organized speech about an "unseen mentor" - a relative of his who inspired Nathan years ago and who he only realized recently as a mentor.

The other two contestants were our own Louis Nizet and Helen Taylor.

There was one disqualification for time.

Louis gave a great presentation of the "I Believe" speech he gave at our club contest.  This time no notes, and he had all the items for each letter of "I B-E-L-I-E-V-E" down cold.  It was very interesting and educational, even inspiring! 

Tall Tales:
1st place - Patricia Martin from Cedar Hill who treated us with a very animated Tall Tale about witches, crab apples and fire.
2nd place - Richard Franz Jr. from CCAT - who was also very animated. 

Charlie Hubert and our own Sharon Roth (and Division C Governor!) were in attendance as was Nancy Green - a former member of Middlesex Toastmasters and a guest at Cromwell last fall!
Sharon gave a very inspiring speech at the end of the contest about the exciting Toastmasters club she is helping start in a prison!

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