Monday, December 26, 2011

Toastmasters Minutes for Tuesday December 20, 2011

We had another great meeting last night - Tuesday  December 20th, 2011!

Congratulations to all who participated! 

Members in attendance…
Akshay Dhote
Charlie Hubert
Charnaie Gordon
Elizabeth Landeen
Heather Turner
Louis Nizet
Mary Talbot
Mano Rudravajhala
Sharon Roth
Tom Alvord

Guests …
Dave Roman
Eileen Baird

We began promptly at 5:30 being called to order by substitute Sergeant At Arms Charlie Hubert who introduced President Tom Alvord …

recognized …
new members Elizabeth Landeen and Sharon Roth
guests Dave Roman and Eileen Baird. 
announced important dates:
February 21 – Open house
March 20th – Club Contest
April – Guest speaker by skype – Marilyn Jess

VP PR Heather Turner  …
Invited us all to our Holiday Party at her house for January 24th   
Reminded us to be sure to use our new website from now on at
Tuesday was the last meeting for which we will have used the old website at freetoasthost.

Heather then took over as Toastmaster, ably introducing all participants and keeping us on track!

Charlie Hubert gave a combined Invocation and Word of the day which was “Courage”.  Charlie had the courage and wisdom to print out the word “COURAGE” twice as big as any previous Word of The Day.

Mary Talbot then served as Table Topics Master with very interesting topics having participants give their speech based on pictures – tiny pieces of art she showed to them and then asked them to pass around for all to see.

Prepared speeches were given by …

Mano Rudravajhala –
Project #8 from the CC Manual: Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
Title: “Habits; Exposing the Inspirational Seven Habits of Highly Effective people by Stephen Covey”

Sharon Roth – Speech #8 from 3rd CC manual: "Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
Title:  A Gift for Any Occasion

Charnaie Gordon – Custom Speech: "Share the Vision" relating to her
High Performance Leadership projects including the Division C Toastmasters Leadership Exchange to be held Monday, January 30 from 6:30-8:30 at Middlesex Community College.

Tom Alvord as General Evaluator introduced the following:
Charlie Hubert who evaluated Mano’s speech
Heather Turner who evaluated Sharon’s speech
Louis Nizet who evaluated Charnaie’s speech

Word Master:   Charlie Hubert
Ah Counter:       Mary Talbot (Welcome back Mary!)
Grammarian:    Charnaie
Timer:                Akshay Dhote

Tom then gave a positive evaluation of the well run enthusiastic meeting along with some minor improvements that could be made suggesting that we can never be too well prepared.

During the closing of the meeting Sharon Roth gave an enthusiastic description of the intriguing plan for gift exchange that is in the works for our Party on January 24th.   (Did I say it’s on Jan 24th at Heather’s place? – Yahoo!  )

Tom happily took down the names of several volunteers for roles for our January 17th meeting:
·      Toastmaster:  Charlie
·      General Evaluator – Charnaie
·      Table Topics – Louis
Multiple hands went up for each opportunity! We are reminded that we can sign up in advance on the web site:

Our next meeting is January 3rd at which we expect to have similar enthusiasm, growth, leadership and lots of fun!

New membership pins were presented three of our most recently joined members:
Finally – and very importantly – we are all delighted to
welcome as new members our two guests Eileen Baird and Dave Roman!  Both of these hardy newcomers said that this seems like the type of club they’ve been looking for.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Alvord   

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