Wednesday, November 23, 2011

20 Blogging Ideas for Toastmasters

(also useful for things to tweet about or content for Facebook fan pages or Google+ pages)
Remember social media doesn't have to be a novel, a blog post can consist of a paragraph or a picture with a caption.
  1. Guest or visitor to your meeting comments and feedback about the meeting.
  2. Speech failures with a funny story (only written in the first person).
  3. Your TM club in the News.
  4. A member in the News.
  5. Member achievements.
  6. Why did each of your members join Toastmasters.
  7. Every speech has an inspiration behind it, get your members to describe briefly what gave them ideas for speeches.
  8. Write-ups of speakers, in person or in the media that you and you club have found inspiring, helpful or knowledgeable.
  9. Pictures of your meetings and/or club contests.
  10. A brief FAQs and answers.
  11. What does your club do to differentiate itself from other clubs or even from other organizations.
  12. Speech ideas
  13. Table topics ideas and if you have tried them, write about how they work out.
  14. Bios of your members (if you have 15 members = 15 blog posts).
  15. What each of your members thinks about Toastmasters and how it's helped them.
  16. Articles about public speaking, leadership and improving skills. You can post these links directly to twitter and Facebook. If you are using them in a blog, make sure you give proper attribution and make a point of saying "why" the article was worth referencing.
  17. Meeting schedules, comments about "Congratulations to John Smith, this is his first time taking the role of Toastmasters for the evening", are good for both readers and members, as both like the fact that members are being acknowledged.
  18. Thank yous, to the place where you hold your meetings, a local paper that gives you free ad space, etc. Links/website URLs to venues or resources are always appreciated and help your SEO (search engine optimization) as well.
  19. Toastmaster videos, both your own and Toastmaster IT's and other club's videos can be imbedded in blogs and the URLs sent our both in twitter and posted on Facebook, comments accompanying the links are always helpful.
  20. A relevant book review about public speaking, leadership or other applicable skills.
Here is the list of useful applications from my recent educational session talk at the D53 Toastmasters conference 

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