Friday, January 21, 2011

January 20, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Middlesex & Cromwell Speech-a-Thon

See many great pictures from this event here:    Speech-a-Thon Pictures

The 2nd annual Joint Speech-a-Thon with Middlesex County Toastmasters & Cromwell Community Toastmasters was held on Thursday, January 20, 2011, at the Cromwell Public Library, in the Arch Room.  The event was well attended with members from both clubs joining in the fun as well as a number of guests.  Refreshments were provided for everyone to enjoy. 

The meeting featured seven great speeches, including a “secret” speaker not known until that evening!  Ute Brinkmann from Eagle Club in Wallingford was a guest speaker.  Thorough, constructive speech evaluations were given to all the speakers, and one evaluation consisted of “round robin” comments from everyone in the audience, including guests!


Louis Nizet, Cromwell Club President, opened the meeting and welcomed all!  Guests were introduced individually and welcomed. 

Meeting Roles

Toastmaster:                Bill Sullivan, Cromwell
Timer:                          Brian Conte, Cromwell
Ah Counter:                  Phil Mason, Cromwell

Speaker 1:                    Jackie Kirwan, Middlesex
Speaker 2:                    Murugan Pachaiyappan, Cromwell & Middlesex
Speaker 3:                    Charlie Hubert, Cromwell
Speaker 4:                    Charnaie Gordon, Middlesex & Cromwell
Speaker 5:                    Ute Brinkmann, Eagle
Speaker 6:                    Jay Broderick, Middlesex
Speaker 7:                    Tom Alvord, Cromwell & Middlesex

General Evaluator:       Kay Jeyapalan, Middlesex

Evaluator 1:                  Bill Sullivan, Cromwell
Evaluator 2:                  Rob Schaff, Middlesex
Evaluator 3:                  Cheryl Mason, Cromwell & Middlesex
Evaluator 4:                  Michael O’Brien, Middlesex
Evaluator 5:                  Louis Nizet, Cromwell
Evaluator 6:                  Kay Jeyapalan, Middlesex
Evaluator 7:                  All, Round Robin Feedback


Charnaie Gordon, Middlesex Club President asked each of the guests for feedback and comments regarding the meeting.  The feedback from guests was very positive and comments such as “stimulating,” “fun,” and “I’ll be back” were heard.  Charnaie then closed the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. sharp! 

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