Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Cromwell Community Toastmasters: Club 5908

Meeting Minutes for 7/20/2010

Participants : Louis Nizet, Cheryl Mason, Phillip Mason, Tom Alvord, Bill Sullivan, Praveen Nair, Peter Carpenter

Guests : Richard Chang
Meeting Roles

Toastmaster : Praveen Nair

Word Master : Louis Nizet

Timer : Cheryl Mason

Grammarian : Cheryl Mason

Ah Counter : Phillip Mason

Table Topics Master : Praveen Nair

Speaker 1 : Bill Sullivan

Speaker 2 : Tom Alvord

General Evaluator : Peter Carpenter

Evaluator 1 : Louis Nizet

Evaluator 2 : Peter Carpenter

Business Portion

Our club President Louis Nizet started the meeting by welcoming the club members and guests. He provided an updated on the Executive meeting held on 7/13/2010 and also made few announcements. Below is the list of items discussed.

1. Party to celebrate the Cromwell Community Toastmaster Club 25th anniversary – scheduled for August 17th.

2. A brief summary of what happened at the TLI (Toastmaster Leadership Institute) meeting in Manchester last month, where the theme was “Have Fun and Get It Done”.

3. The next Officer Training that will be held on July 24th in Bridgeport.

4. More awards being planned to recognize members’ performances.

5. Better communications to keep members informed of meetings reports.

6. Changes to the Cromwell Community Toastmaster Club’s website, and planned assistance for members to get their speech dates booked in advance

7. New calendar for bi-monthly meetings, instead of every second Tuesday.

8. Proposed new system to ease synergy between speakers and evaluators prior to the meeting date/time.

9. Humorous contest – We want to make sure that it will be much fun in October.

10. Ideas to increase membership

11. Another surprise party announcement by Louis Nizet

“Bring and Barbecue" party at my place on Saturday August 27-10, beginning at around 5pm and going on as late as participants will want. We'll have hot coal, from real wood, ready to cook the food from about 6pm onward. All members welcome with wife, husband, children, friends and guests. Weather permitting, for those interested, we can take a short walk through the forest to the secluded "Turkey Hill" reservoir, an unspoiled nature jewel in the area. Elize and I will appreciate it if those interested will let us know by no later than August 24th, so that we can send a map and directions how to get there to all participants.”
Education Portion

Table Topics:

We had three members (Bill Sullivan, Peter Carpenter, and Phillip Mason) and guest (Richard Chang) participate in the Table Topics session.

Prepared Speeches & Evaluations

Speaker #1

Bill has just completed his CC award and is half way through his ACB award, his speech "Good Morning Exercise" focuses on the joy of waking up early in the morning to go out for a run.

Speech Number : 1

Speech Length : 5 – 7 minutes

Manual : Humorously Speaking

Objective : Prepare a speech that opens with a humorous story, personalize the story, deliver the story smoothly and effectively

Title : Good Morning Exercise

Speaker #2

Tom has achieved two Competent Communicator awards and is now working toward his Advanced Communicator Bronze award. With this speech tonight he will be 1/2 way to the 10 required speeches. Although this is speech number 1 it is Tom's third project in the Storytelling manual.
Speech Number : 1

Speech Length : 3 – 5 minutes

Manual : Storytelling

Objective : To tell a folk tale

Title : The Samurai
Evaluations :

Louis Nizet and Peter Carpenter provided a very thoughtful and positive evaluation of the 2 speeches.
General Evaluation :

Peter Carpenter provided a comprehensive evaluation of the proceedings of the meeting and supported to the timer, ah – counter and grammarian reports.
Conclusion :

The president concluded the meeting by thanking all the participants and guest (Toastmaster Richard Chang). Richard thanked the club for the opportunity to attend the meeting.

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